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How Police Track Your Location Without a Warrant


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The easiest work-around for this type of tracking is to cancel your phone account, or at least don't take your phone when you leave the house; but they still have the ability to turn on the microphone and camera at will to spy on you. As long as you use their technology and their system, your privacy and health will remain at risk ........ It will only get worse.  


5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

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On 9/19/2022 at 10:58 PM, Beaujangles said:

There is a device that will track any number for $48 per month.


Whoever that is...[All Ears]....A mega personal liability damage x 1000.  Where do you get this, from the video? (I have to refrain from watching lots of videos just now)

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