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The Queen’s Death

Mikhail Liebestein

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1 minute ago, Doc said:

56 members online tonight. It never usually gets above 27 at one time. We really are a bunch of c**ts aren't we 😏.

I mentioned on another topic how I can't wait to watch David Ickes next podcast!!! He will have lots of nice things to say about Liz I'm sure

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15 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

I can't wait for David Ickes views on her death. He is probably about to make one of his favourite pod casts ever!


Me too. I bet you any sum of money he mentions shapeshifting and point out that she's returned to her true form

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37 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


An unpopular opinion among truther light folks. They want the end of monarchy, and I can understand why, but so do the usual clique. It's all so tiresome. I won't be happy until I know what comes next is better.

On a more sombre note, the Queen is all most of us have known here in the UK so we really are heading into unknown territory with this. The Queen really was the last monarch of what could be described as our Golden Age. The 'peace' we have enjoyed since 1945 has enabled some massive leaps in many fields but has come at a high cost for us as a nation, spiritually, morally and physically. With nothing to fight for or defend against, something to unite us in a common cause, we have become soft and mentally permeable. Weak basically.

We're heading into some desperate times in the West and I can't help but think that the passing of the Queen will eventually usher in something really quite bad for the UK. I said in an earlier post it could mark the start of a sort of open season... 


It may very well be the first overt infiltration of the monarchy Klaus Schwab has achieved. 


We might be getting a new King but what we'll really be getting is




Nice crown eh?



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according to the mirror (sorry)



The upsetting news that the Queen has died has been anounced - and with the nation in mourning there will be a number of changes to our day to day lives. Intricate plans had been drawn up for when Her Majesty sadly passes away, codenamed Operation London Bridge, that will see major differences to what events are on, where we shop and even what appears on TV.

On the day of her funeral, which is due to take place nine days after she passes, there will be a bank holiday and most places will be shut or change their operating hours. Here is a look at things that will be closed or cancelled when the Queen's tragic death is announced


There will be a Day of Mourning for the Queen

The day of the funeral will be a Day of National Mourning, but employers will not be compelled to give staff a day off.

Unless it falls on the weekend, there will be a national bank holiday, following church services and memorial services across the UK.

The service will take place at Westminster Abbey, and a two minute silence will be held across the UK at noon.

Most people will therefore get time off from work on the day of Her Majesty's funeral.

Shops will close or only be open for reduced hours, while banks will of course also be shut.

The London Stock Exchange will be closed for at least the day of the Queen's funeral and possibly for several days after - which could potentially cost the economy billions.



As part of Operation London Bridge, all sporting fixtures would be cancelled on the Day of National Mourning.

If history is anything to go by, then football matches are likely to be postponed.

When Princess Diana died, the game between Liverpool and Newcastle United that was due to take place later in the day was called off.

All football leagues matches which were due to take place on the day of Diana's funeral were moved to the Friday before or the following Sunday.

There was no need to scrap Premier League matches as none were scheduled due to international fixtures.

England had a world cup qualifier against Moldova that went ahead 10 days later, with both sides wearing black ribbons as a mark of respect.

A minute's silence was also held before kick-off, which is also expected to happen for the Queen.

Manchester United's Europa League game against Real Sociedad is going ahead as planned on Thursday evening.

But it's a different story for the cricket, as Friday's testmatch between England and South Africa has been cancelled.

Anyone turning on their TV today will see that the BBC have already made changes after news of the Queen's health fears emerged.

The Beeb cleared its scheduled programming following the announcement that the Queen was under medical supervision - and presenters including Huw Edwards have all changed into black suits.

The BBC will suspend all of its programming once the news is announced - with coverage of the sad news airing on BBC One.

However, if Her Majesty dies during the night it is thought her death would not be reported until 8am.

Then her portrait will be displayed on TV along with the national anthem - as happened when Princess Diana tragically died in 1997.

Other channels are not required to interrupt regular scheduling, but it is thought they will to honour the monarch.


The BBC will also suspend all comedy programming during the 12-day period of national mourning.

Because it is such a major event, the Beeb regularly rehearses how it will respond to the Queen's death so everything should run incredibly smoothly.


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Why the heck would it be disrespectful of kids to play football at the weekend! What foolishness!


Now whe have to brace for people mourning and talking tripe about it for ages. They've just been saying it'll be similar to the outpouring of grief when Diana died. Well Diana had the best years of her life ahead of her, as opposed to being 96, and was murdered, so it doesn't seem very similar to me.

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Buckingham Palace: Britain's Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96

Thursday, 08 September 2022 5:40 PM

Queen Elizabeth, Britain's longest-reigning monarch, has died aged 96, Buckingham Palace says. 


Her eldest son Charles, 73, automatically becomes king of the United Kingdom and the head of state of 14 other realms including Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

The royal family had rushed to Scotland’s Balmoral on Thursday after doctors said the monarch was not feeling well and should stay “under medical supervision”.


In spite of Buckingham Palace’s prior statement, announcing that “the Queen remains comfortable and at Balmoral,” she passed away.


According to the Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II was suffering from “episodic mobility problems” since the end of last year


The development came after the queen appointed Liz Truss as the new British prime minister on the previous day.


Elizabeth was the queen of Britain and more than a dozen other countries, who saw 15 British prime ministers in her record-breaking reign and earlier this year marked her 70th year on the throne. 

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6 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

Why the heck would it be disrespectful of kids to play football at the weekend! What foolishness!


Now whe have to brace for people mourning and talking tripe about it for ages. They've just been saying it'll be similar to the outpouring of grief when Diana died. Well Diana had the best years of her life ahead of her, as opposed to being 96, and was murdered, so it doesn't seem very similar to me.

I can't bear it, the next few weeks are going to be intolerable. 

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