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The Queen’s Death

Mikhail Liebestein

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On 9/9/2022 at 7:10 AM, alexa said:

Here's s someone who's probably been following David, good on her 👍


Anti-monarchist fish and chip shop owner who celebrated Queen's death with video proclaiming 'Lizard Liz is dead' is rescued from furious mob by police

Enraged locals pelted eggs at a fish and chip shop after the restaurant's owner posted a video online celebrating the death Queen Elizabeth II. Jaki Fish and Chip Shop, in Muir of Ord, was targeted after owner Jacki Pickett shared a clip of her popping and spraying champagne shortly after Her Majesty's passing. Ms Pickett also held up a chalkboard sign reading: 'Lizard Liz Dead and London Bridge has fallen.' The apparent anti-monarchist's post prompted a large group of residents to gather outside the business in protest as they booed and berrated Ms Pickett. Police were called to disperse the crowd and were forced to close the shop amid concerns for the owner's safety.






Look at reactions. Very sad... Freedom sunk. 😔

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On 9/13/2022 at 2:24 AM, northern star said:

Its amazing how many "elites" just happened to be in Scotland just before the Queen's death. Liz Truss, Boris Johnson...and now Jenna Bush.

Queen was ‘bright and focused’ in last audience two days before death, Boris Johnson says


Jenna Bush Hager reveals she had a 'wonderful' dinner with then-Prince Charles just hours before the Queen died




Maybe she was exhausted with all these visits...

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3 hours ago, Human10 said:

So people wait in the queue to be sure Queen is dead. But how can they be sure if coffin is closed? Won't she start to stink?


27 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

No way is there anything resembling a body inside that coffin. It's like an exhibition. A museum.

The whole Monarchy system stinks anyway, who's going to notice one more stink? I wouldn't imagine rotting lizard is a very pleasant stench anyhow, I do hope someone thought to remove that marmalade sarnie from her handbag!🙄 Charles has just had a new Corgi boiler system fitted into Buckingham Palace, that should shut the yappy little bastards up! There's nothing worse than treading in dogshit, except maybe treading in great steaming dollops of lizard shit!🤢

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27 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

Yeah, clever use/manipulation of language.


Another one; The Queen has touched so many people in so many ways ... 


17 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

"500 world leaders to attend funeral".


It will "unite the world".


Why does this sound ominous.


Surely the PTB around the globe aren't stupid enough to have all their ducks in a row? Same place, same time...




I cringe when I hear their world government laden words.


They're ok, their security is always perfect, untill they don't want it to be? Fear is only for 'us lot'? Perhaps. It's going to be a bit of a game spotting all the faces, like a Bikdeberg meeting but completely open / on stage. Yes, it does sound ominous. And what will they be getting up to this weekend?


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33 minutes ago, legion said:

Really Graceful's 2 videos on King Charles lll on YouTube are still up. 

The first has 250K views. 

Here's the third :




Yep well put !

Perhaps it is mass mind control and Stockholm syndrome ,chem trails ,EMF , public relations,nice biscuits

and herd mentality

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1 hour ago, legion said:


And there's this;

Andrew has had his Military Pomp returned to him by Charles. 

(After the Queen took them away) 







The media has been asserting that Charles & Willie had blocked him but even if that was genuinely their mindset, he'll have leverage - plenty of dirt on Charlie no doubt.

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My ancient mother who normally talks fondly of the queen as if she was her best friend said "what a bloody spectacle all this is and that bloody paedophile son of hers walking around proudly. And that Charles is a bloody big soft bugger, who wants him as king?". She also said, "That poor lad who shouted after Andrew got arrested but that bloody pervert can walk with his head up!". Words of wisdom. 😂

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