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The Queen’s Death

Mikhail Liebestein

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1 hour ago, greatdayforfreedom said:

Apologies for posting  a Charlie Vietch video, but I think he is right. 



So at 9.27 he lists all the demonic things done to children, saying its going to get worse when the Queen goes, and the hounds of hell will be released, not mentioning she oversaw all these things and did not a single thing to stop them.




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Sky News Banners


Thoughts of the House of Lords are with the Queen 


The Duke of Cambridge, Duke of York,and Earl and Countess of Wessex are believed to have arrived at Balmoral - changed to have arrived at Balmoral 


Truss My thoughts and the thoughts of people across our United Kingdom are with her majesty the Queen and her family at this time 


... our ... that's interesting?


Truss announces that households will not pay more than £2,500 a year on energy under new 2 year deal 


Presenter; It's really important that we don't speculate ...

She's been through ... Recently coming through a pandemic, she said we'll meet again ... back to the war .. people having to be apart .. but pointing to the future ... Her faith is very important to her ...

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Are we about to see the destruction of Christianity and our value system as we move further into the age of Aquarius? Not saying she was a legit Christian, that's besides the point. I'm just thinking about what she symbolizes in the eyes of the average Brit.


Prince Charles taking Arabic lessons to read Koran


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Couple of anthems for the occasion:



"Her very lowness with her head in a sling, I'm truly sorry but it sounds like a wonderful thing"



"My aim is true, my message is clear, it's curtains for you, Elizabeth my dear"


Both written over 30 years ago. Been a long time coming.

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  • Bombadil changed the title to Operation London bridge- Queen Elizibeth II dies

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