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It Works Like Magic! 5 Minutes After You Wake Up | Joe Dispenza

Overcoming, renewing, becoming something other than your old self and "the program" of familiar this or familiar that could mean you are still in the same old tarnished mindset (for anyone looking beyond suffering and over-familiar toil)... Instead:  Maybe get unleashing new energy that paying attention to your future may or will bring.....How a redirection of energy and focus can attain for you what a person as individual most needs despite circumstances or counter positive experiences (including I WILL ADD any shadow-work to offset negativity), and by what Joe Dispenza suggests, which looks to be a series of changes, or what this video for example is in part saying at least......Check it out all.  



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If we brainwash anybody it should be ourselves when necessary (through mindfulness or soul guided meditation or other inventive technique) to better co-ordinate our wills, to the point of where one can at least feel and say THAT was useful, that got me some place, that made a difference, this was no longer a dull, mundane routine of overly predictable asinine pointless materialism or existing in a void or a vaccuum.


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Have a good day because yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why it’s called present.


(a nice person -on DI- reminded me of this today^ and I am acting on it NOW to share TODAY!... to share and remind others, however corny it may seem, there is a lot of truth to it) 🙂

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I know this is not a Joe DIspenza thread, yet please note he does qualify how although what we may joyfully experience in our wakeful 5 minutes (longer for me
most days, lol) of self activation (or ready to embrace the world mindsets) at the start of the day, the actual reprogramming of self, is less a mystery in the sense

that obviously what your focus on is where your attention goes, and so this is not necessarily so magic, more fact.

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