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Government Bug Out Bags or Build Your Own?

The All Eye

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Denver, Colorado is handing out free bug out bags to its citizens. Please watch the brief video: 



Some key takeaways from this video from someone with nine years military, 19 year LEO, and 42 years of being an avid outdoorsman and survival enthusiast.  1) Never take a bug out bag from the government.  It can be micro chipped.  In this case the red bag with markings can be used to identify people.  Be a Gray Man.  2) This isn't a bug out bag.  It's just a bag filled with mostly useless items.  Do your research and prepare your own bag with your own needs depending on the situation and area you might find yourself.  There is plenty of information on Youtube from reliable survival experts.  3) It seems that something major is going to be happening in the United States, or the world, on or after September 24th. Don't wait for something to happen, start now. 


Hopefully nothing will occur, but make sure you're prepared enough to survive somewhere else or evacuate to a safe location.  Plan your main evacuation route and three or four secondary routes.  Then look at the areas you will be traveling through to get from A to B.  Keep this in mind when packing your bug out bag.  Never underestimate the usefulness of a good knife or two and sidearm.  


Read up on how to be a Gray Manhttps://premeditatedsurvival.com/gray-man-skills/


Also remember:

- 3 minutes without air
- 3 hours without a regulated body temperature (shelter)
- 3 days without water
- 3 weeks without food

The "Rule of Threes" provides a guideline of how to prioritize basic survival skills: first shelter, then water, and lastly food.

Surviving a difficult situation also requires meeting many challenges while avoiding panic. When faced with a potential survival situation, remember to use a "SPEAR":

Assess &


By systematically assessing, planning, and executing your basic survival skills, you will help keep your mind and body actively engaged in addressing your situation. This will greatly aid in avoiding panic and other negative states of mind. By upholding an upright attitude, your chances of survival are greatly improved!


Hopefully this little bit of information will help and guide your to becoming better prepared for what may come in the very near future.



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