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Recommended research - 11.05 to 11.35 - Times Radio - A week in politics ( Also asks how is IT all going to be paid for ) Some good quotes


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11.05 to -11.35 

Matt Chorley and Henry Zeffman (The Times Political Editor)


Have you got time to listen to this later, and share some of the quotes please?


" It could cost £150 billion ... more than even covid "

" for every £1 spent on energy bills the tax payer will pay 75p "


" Give us some thanks that your energy bills are not going up by as much as they would have done " ??


" Literally the moment Liz Truss sat down - all hell broke loose ... "


" Midway though Liz Truss Speech ... through all this it became clear that something quite serious had happened. That has paused politics, for now. Particularly Kier Starmer's speech captured the mood quite well, that we might not have got from Jeremy corbin. And Harriet Harman recasting the Queen as a feminist icon. "


" Do we know anything about Boris Johnson? He wants to return to Downing Street at some time, depending on how Liz Truss does, we may get a statement, perhaps Boris Johnson should take his place again to stop Conservative ruin. "


" Liz Truss will be at the UN general assembly in New York, or she's meant to be. "


 Charles " Precious principles of constitution "

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