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Why We Don't Fight Back ...


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Learned Helplessness (See Seligman's work involving shocked dogs)


A large tank is half filled with water.


In the centre of the tank is a raised platform atop a slim pole, which cannot be climbed up or down. At one end of the tank is a broad shelf, divided into two compartments. Each compartment is fronted with a drop-down flap, which can be locked shut. One flap is painted in black and white stripes, the other in black and white dots, to be perceptually distinguishable.


A rat which has been previously conditioned to this experimental set-up is positioned on the platform. Food pellets are placed behind the striped flap. The dotted flap is locked. The rat has already been trained to leap. If it leaps at the unlocked flap, the flap drops back and the rat gains food pellets and freedom. If it leaps at the dotted flap, it smacks its nose and falls into the water. This occurrence is called a negative reinforcement. The rat quickly learns to leap only at the striped flap.


Then the locks are swapped. The striped flap is now locked and the dotted flap is unlocked. After a few unsuccessful leaps, the rat switches to the dotted flap.

For the next run of the experiment, both flaps are locked. The rat leaps at one then the other. The result is always a dunking. Eventually the rat refuses to jump and remains motionless on the platform. In order to force a leap, a blast of cold air is directed at the rat. The experiment is run until behavioural breakdown occurs.  Whenever the rat is placed on the platform, it leaps off randomly in all directions, always ending in the water.


Now comes the clever part.


Both flaps are removed. The food pellets and the path to escape are clearly visible. But the breakdown of the rat’s behaviour is ineradicable. When placed on the platform the rat freezes. Even the jet of air won’t budge it. If it does eventually leap, it will not be to the escape shelf. Only by lifting the rat from the platform and manually placing it on the shelf can the dysfunctional behaviour gradually be extinguished.


Conclusion: When faced by a chaotic, unpredictable, random environment, wherein the rules are constantly changing, and whatever the rat does makes no difference, the rat will be ‘broken’ and will cease to be able to behave adaptively. An unkind experiment, but revealing.



This is much the predicament we find ourselves in today and we need to break out of it or we are doomed. Exactly how we'll do that though eludes me at the present time.






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I don't think it's that. It's because People are just sheep. Stupid plain dumb boring predictable sheep. They do as they are told by their masters because they do not know better, nor have they the intellegence or courage to change.

Look at it this way: Man is an animal of this planet. All animals have a leader, or leader of the pack as they are more commonly known. 90% of the animals follow the leader blindly and willingly, they are sheep, they need a leader, someone to look after them, that is their psychology, that is the way they think.

The remaining 10% are free thinkers, ones who question and decide if they should follow the leaders latest orders or not. These are the intellegent ones and the ones who will rise up for power when the time is right.

That is why the masses are following the leaders orders: Wear your mask, do lockdowns, take your vaxx. Because these people are sheep, part of the 90%.

Here's an intresting thread that expands and explains on these points:




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I've heard of something analogous to this in humans. If someone experiences a sufficient level of trauma, it affects the neural pathways of the brain and results in a something like PTSD, where the person goes into uncontrolled survival mode, and their 'reptile brain' FFF flight-fight-freeze mechanism sets in, over-riding the higher cortex rational thinking process. Think of soldiers suffering repeated trauma in the battlefield, or stuck in a catch-22 like those poor rats.  It's even more serious in children with their developing brains.  


The situation we're in today does perhaps involve experiencing numerous micro-traumas which our bodies & minds haven't evolved to deal with, so I can relate to this. 

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Keep everyone in constant unrelenting fear: ukraine, russians, ww3, covid, new variants, global warming, cost of living etc. There's always something dangerous dangling over your head to keep your concerned, keep you turning to your rulers for help, and of course the rulers have no problems with spending billions of dollars of your money to heroically rush forward and address these fake concerns, at the same time formulating more fake concerns.

But just for a moment imagine those poor befuddled sheep who actually believe all these concerns are real, they really do think that, they are all absolutly shitting their pants, all at home hiding under the bed playing with their vagina crying : " Save me. Liz truss, i'll do anything. I'll suck satan's cock, i'll do mask wearing , distancing, worship baldie klaus. Just please don't let me die. I just don't want to die !!! Boo Hoo Sob Sob Cry like a bitch Sucking thumb Wiping tears on their sleeves



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We do fight, we do try and inform the people who vote for this crap, who acquiesce to Gov orders, who allow fear to guide them, who are egocentric


Look how roused up the nation can get over Holly Willoughby and Pete Schofield

People generally are itching to round on someone, they have no idea who until they are told


i try and tell family and friends who to look at as the source of their angst but the last couple of years has, i admit, been very very trying on my optimism for the power of the self to shine through.

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I just don't think people have suffered enough yet. Let's be honest how has live changed for the average sheep? Not much. How much worse off were people back in the miner strike/poll tax days? Right now I can walk around and see council properties with 4 cars in the drive. The shops are still busy. People clearly still have money. Covid restrictions are gone. Those who can (public sector) and unionised are fighting for inflationary wage rises. Not see easy in the private sector when your employer can go bust... in that case 3% of something is better than 10% of fuck all no?


What do you expect people to fight right now? There is nothing needing fighting for the average brit right now.


IMHO it will kick off when either of these conditions are met :-


1) TPTB start it... Racial tensions (hindu's/muslims birmingham) vaxxed vs unvaxxed or just general dissent sowed in order to toughen the laws as per the plan.

2) People start to genuinely suffer... hunger/no heating or a collapse of living standards back to the days of the mining strikes or worse.


2 could happen soon there are plenty struggling to make ends meet. But first we will see an increase in crime and general lawlessness first it won't just jump straight to riots or revolution.

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22 hours ago, Covidiot said:

TPTB start it... Racial tensions (hindu's/muslims birmingham) vaxxed vs unvaxxed or just general dissent sowed in order to toughen the laws as per the plan.


I heard Andy Burnham 'encouraging' people to stand up for their rights after the financial announcement. (I recall the time he stood up for his people's rights by asking for more furlough, well I mean asking for more support during the next lockdown. (He didn't support businesses just staying open). You just hear that and think you sneaky shit. Yes, borrow more, spend spend spend the IMF said.


He was on live tv today saying all of the right words about being on our side. I've always kept one eye on him, he feels like a wolf in sheep's clothing, so to speak. Controlled opposition, of the MP / Mayor variety. 


Yes, the media will push and spin, the people will think protests are their own idea and that the other side threw the first stone. I understand more and more the idea of them funding both sides of the war, any war. Old wars, modern wars. Divide. Trojan horse. Rule.


No wonder they don't want anyone joyful or honest on tv. We have to find our own happiness, faith, laughter and love, to have enough strength to get through these days, and we need to pause often enough to think clearly. They are gunning for us big time now, but it's not the first time and won't be the last. We still have something they don't have. 


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