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News Cycle Analysis: A FALSE FLAG Would Really Cap It All Off


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3 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

or most likely, Die Glocke, this might tie in with some of the output from CERN:




Die Glocke really would ring in the end of the war.



Well something is going on, the Ukrainiens seemed to have gained a sudden massive advantage. 




Some sort of anti-gravity /time warp weapon could be used to deliver many powerful effects. Float people into the air, then drop them from a great height, or increase gravity and crush them and their vehicles. Or travel back in time and kill Putin.


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So just adding this link from @Anti Facts Sir's post re Polish reparation demands from Germany.


Interestingly,  Die Glocke, was believed to have been hidden on a train with a load of gold taken to Poland. Maybe the Poles are really looking to license this technology back to Germany, €1.2 would be a small price for infinite energy and ant-gravity.






Fringe theorists have suggested that a concrete ring called "The Henge" near the Wenceslaus mine built in 1943 or 1944 and vaguely resembling Stonehenge was "used as a launch pad for the Bell". 



Mysterious Nazi Stonehenge in Poland:


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  • 2 months later...

Just look for the shoe 😂


Turkish ministers accuse Kurdistan Workers' Party of causing fireball explosion in Istanbul shopping district which left six dead including a young girl and her father as police arrest suspect after hunt for 'female bomber'

'According to our findings, the PKK terrorist organisation is responsible.' It comes after a little girl, Ecrin (left), and her father, Yusuf Medyan (inset), were confirmed to be among those killed in the attack, in which more than 80 others were also injured.




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