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Shamima Begum trafficked to Syria by a CSIS agent.


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Explosive revelations from the BBC? Yeah, right. We called all of this out, on the old forum, at the time! Even now, the whole truth surely hasn't come out. How did Begum get to Istanbul in the first place? Who was she communicating with online, while at home, to get all of these ideas in her head in the first place? Obviously, not with that scapegoat Aqsa Mahmood. At the time, I reckoned it was probably with a Mossad keyboard ninja and I still reckon that. And someone, somewhere, in the U.K. 'services', must have known what was going on. Perhaps this leak at least played a part, even though Sajid Javid was Home Secretary at the time of the removal of Begum's U.K. citizenship, in Priti Patel's recent departure from the Home Office? She must have known something was 'off'.


How beyond sick is it, when considering that the main facts must have been known, when Begum was stripped of her U.K. citizenship?! In a nutshell, a 15 year old school girl gets radicalised online, by an as yet unknown agent, and ends up in Istanbul with two of her mates. She is then trafficked to a war zone, by a CSIS agent (supposedly a U.K. ally), and her two mates end up dead. Well, one confirmed dead and the other one very probably dead. She then gets her citizenship removed, by the U.K. government, for good measure. No small wonder they didn't want her back. Just imagine what all of the families are currently going through, having to mentally process all of this bullshit. I am thoroughly ashamed that this could happen in this country.










'Shamima Begum: Spy for Canada smuggled schoolgirl to Syria.'

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I just feel so rotten inside. This is all so sick. Trying to make people stateless is clearly all part of the NWO agenda. Couldn't they at least have found someone else to pick on? It had to be a 15 year old kid, who got trafficked to a war zone, did it? National security my arse. Sick! ☹️





'Shamima Begum loses bid to regain UK citizenship.'


Outside court, however, Ms Begum's solicitors said that it was very likely they would ask the Supreme Court to get involved. A response however could take up to a year. (The Supreme Court is supremely bent. Not much hope of getting this sort of thing overturned in there.)  

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