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Excess deaths and excess health problems in Russia, China and Israel.


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So, I am obviously starting this thread to try and gauge whether the average Joe, in these three countries, is getting the same poison as us. We don't necessarily need official statistics. For example, I know a fair few folks living in a particular E.U. country. I am hearing exactly the same stories from them, as I am hearing from the folks I know living in the U.K.. As in, 'so and so died', 'so and so had a stroke', 'so and so had a heart attack' and 'so and so is suffering from this or that health problem'. All in sudden abundance, which I wasn't hearing pre-vaccine roll-out. There must be many folks in the U.K., who have friends and relations in these countries. Speak to them. Alternatively, maybe chat to staff at Chinse restaurants/takeaways. Maybe chat to folks at Orthodox churches and synagogues.   

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I have seen a lot of stroke in public videos coming out of china, people dying while riding their motorbike etc. China is still dragging people to camps if they refuse a PCR test. 


Russia, the news coming of there is slim. I did see a few reports of people sick from their sinovac (i think it was) that they used out there but no where near like the number of videos and stories coming out of the west. I have seen more of Malaysia and Philippians than Russia. 

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