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Allyson Pollock - “speaking truth to power.”


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An excellent website, one of my favourite research tools, where you can also see response letters, and who is talking about the articles online, for instance. There is a lot of information without necessarily subscribing. 




“In the 1980s NHS there wasn’t today’s climate of fear around speaking out”—Allyson Pollock


This lady is an absolute star in my eyes. I don't know anyone else quite like her, but there are many people who genuinely care. I try to remember that if I spent as much time supporting the people who are trying to 'do right', we would all be in a slightly better, more determined place?


Instead of busying ourselves with battles and people that are deliberately and tactically sent to distract and demoralise us, we must remind ourselves always, to encourage and embolden the wise and the brave. I am incredibly guilty of getting tangled up in the fear, noise and tittle tattle, but I also like to search and share those who speak up for all of us, and the systems that work. 


Keeping up with how far ahead 'they' are with their 'bold plan', is definitely, sadly, part of their success. We are cutting our own rope? We need strong, experienced people, even in the so-called 'mainstream, and they are there, but we will have to find them ourselves. 

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