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To expose the evils of the CCP, A Chinese writers are persecuted, ask for your help


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My name is Xu Xuechun and from Shanghai, China. This is my book "Expose Three Evil of the CCP" (Creating Wuhan Virus, Harvesting Organs Alive, Financial Fraud)

Here's a video of my accusations against CCP: https://youtu.be/EimGLufKYPs

From 2013 to 2019, the Chinese government held a nationwide financial fraud, with tens of millions of victims and trillions of dollars defrauded. I'm one of the victims.

Under God's guidance, I fled China from Shanghai in October 2020 and sent a large number of emails and messages to governments, media, and schools around the world, including the Trump administration. In order to expose the CCP's creation of the Wuhan virus, live organ harvesting, and financial fraud. I'm sure many of you have received my emails and seen my messages on the web.

Guo Wengui first accused the CCP of creating the Wuhan virus in 2017. Yan Limeng accused the CCP of creating the Wuhan virus as a scientist. But the whole of the West country didn't believe them at first.

Guo Wengui and Yan Limeng only provided unilateral evidence and opinions, which could not convince those who had doubts about it.

Until I sent you a lot of information that the whole world started to believe that the CCP is so evil.

Even though the CCP paid huge sums of money to buy corrupt officials in almost all countries, governments around the world quickly changed their minds from pro-communist to anti-communist.

Why is there such a miraculous change? Because my articles, my books, provide irrefutable factual evidence - The CCP is the culprit of the Wuhan virus.

It was me who convinced governments around the world that the CCP created the Wuhan virus and launched biological warfare. Now countries all over the world regard the CCP as an enemy, which is all my credit.

The CCP and the Chinese are chasing to kill me everywhere. For two years, I had no income, no language, no job, no legal status, no friends, no family, and no savings. To keep expenses down, I can only spend one dollar every day on one meal. I also did not dare to go out, for fear of being caught by the secret agent and sent back to China to be killed by the CCP.

I am 50 years old, I have presbyopia, myopia, and gray hair, it was very difficult to find a job in China, It is now even more impossible to find a job abroad.

For the past two years, I've been like a man sentenced to death. When I left China, I had some money in savings with me.

I remind myself every day that I'm going to die when I run out of my money. I was very scared at first, but now there seems to be some hope of survival. Now I see chaos in China, and the Chinese Communist Party is collapsing day by day.

A few days ago, Pelosi visited Taiwan under the escort of an aircraft carrier. I saw the awakening of people worldwide, and they seemed to stand with me. I thought, maybe I don't have to die. As soon as the CCP collapses, I can go back to home.

I hope to awaken the people of the world with my life and realize the evil nature of the CCP. Awaken human beings to fight against demons and the CCP. Safeguard people's interests and rebuild new China. My book and my website can prove everything I do.

I write this article today because I feel that if no one comes to help me, I will die soon.

So I am now asking the world for help. I hope some kind person can donate to me, help me get out of difficulty, and let me see the day when the CCP collapses.

I hope one day I can go back to China and celebrate with our victims. I'm going to tell them what I've done for them. I am fighting for you, I am shouting loudly for you, I am bleeding for you. I am sacrificing for you.

When your Western countries were deceived by the CCP and needed help the most, I betrayed the motherland and walked into a desperate situation. I only ate one meal every day and used my life to help you. Although I am not a citizen of your country, I have contributed as much to your country as your citizens.

I am in trouble now, and I hope you can help me.

To help me is to help yourselves at the same time.

I need money now to pay for my rent, food, and transportation. My laptop and phone need repairs and upgrades, my website needs to be paid for, and I need advertising to promote my book. I want the whole world to know the evil of the CCP.

It has been almost two years since I left China and I have spent all my savings.

Without your help I cannot continue the fight and I will die soon. So I ask for your help.
We need a lot of advertising money. we need people all over the world to read my book, understand the evil of the CCP, and unite to overthrow the evil rule of the CCP. We need more people to join us.

Use of raised funds

According to my practice, Donate a $100 advertisement can reach 50,000-100,000 real people, and about 200-500 people download my free e-book.

Donate $300 to me so I can cover a month's rent, food, and other expenses.

Donate $400 to me so we keep my site running for a year.

Donate $500 to me so I can repair and upgrade my phone and laptop.

Forwarding this article is equivalent to donating to me, so that more people can understand the evils of the CCP.

Here is my donation page: https://fundrazr.com/1242S1


About my book

All I want to say to the world is in my new book "Expose Three Evil of the CCP"  (Creating Wuhan Virus, Harvesting Organs Alive, Financial Fraud), which was published on Amazon, and I set the price to 0.00.  This book is available in many online bookstores. And in the network disk, my website, the telegram channel can download the full text.

I think that in the current international situation, promoting my book can help you solve many problems.

1. Traditional Chinese culture is God's law for Chinese people. According to Chinese culture and the evidence provided in my book, the CCP is a stupid, evil, cruel ruler, and the cup of their sins was full. CCP has committed unforgivable crimes against the Chinese people and the people of the world, so the people of the world have the right to overthrow them and send the CCP to hell.

2. Russia dared to launch a war against Ukraine because of the support of the Chinese Communist Party. Overthrowing the CCP would solve the Ukrainian problem.

3. In the Chinese art of war, the best warriors use wisdom to reduce the enemy's forces without force. Overthrowing the CCP is a very simple matter. Just spread my new book all over the world, and the CCP will collapse immediately.

Because the Chinese Communist regime is built on lies and deceit, they use lies to deceive the Chinese to support their rule. And my book completely exposes all the lies of the CCP, such as creating Wuhan viruses, harvesting organs alive, and launching P2P financial fraud. My book can make Chinese people understand that the CCP is the biggest enemy of the Chinese people and  Provoking internal forces in China to oppose the CCP's rule.

They will soon lose the support of the people and the army, and will soon collapse. This is the lowest cost and best effect method. Otherwise, nuclear-weapon States with a population of 1.4 billion are very difficult to deal with.

4. My book can be used as evidence against the CCP in international courts and parliaments. It contains a lot of facts and evidence.

I hope to use the evidence in this book to sue the Chinese Communist Party in the International Court of Justice, the US Congress, the European Parliament, the British Parliament, the Australian Parliament, etc., for organ harvesting, financial fraud, and virus creation. We must identify the CCP as an illegal anti-human cult and a terrorist organization.

5. We should confiscate all CCP assets overseas and set up a fund to compensate victims of the CCP.

I suggest that half of the overseas assets of the CCP should be used to compensate the victims of the Wuhan virus in the local country. And the other half should be used to compensate the Chinese victims of live organ harvesting and P2P financial fraud and others persecuted by the CCP.

6. The evil rule of the CCP is wholly based on hatred of western democratic systems. My book can keep the Chinese model, but it is fully integrated into the west of the democratic system. Establish a perfect social system in China. Eliminate the CCP on the basis of ensuring economic development; establish a cooperative partnership of mutual trust with countries around the world.

7. My book proposes to use high technology and the Internet to build a fully Information Disclosure, fully democratic country management model. This is the new human society management system.

8. I think I am a great patriot of China. I want to prove to the world that the Chinese people are a kind and peace-loving nation, and hope to coexist with the people of the world.

I hope human beings can stand up and fight with me against all demons. Work together to create the future civilization of mankind. Please support me.


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