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The Liz Truss thread

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2 hours ago, Macnamara said:

as opposed to what? labour who had members that endorsed the pedo information exchange (PIE) or who were led by people like peter mandelson a close friend of the rothschilds and epstein not to mention greville jenner....yuo could play the same name the pedo game with the liberal democrats too. they are all rotten to the core


As opposed to what? God knows. Hobson's choice.

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8 hours ago, Nefaria said:

Have you watched the two documentaries Theroux made about Saville?  I think he was genuinely trying to get more information from him about the rumours to the point in one of those documentaries (the first one I believe) Saville actually made a veiled threat toward the documentary maker.  It's obvious Saville knew some powerful people that prevented any prosecution of him whilst he was alive.


Yeah watched them both, and yeah there is clearly a creepy undervibe that Theroux is trying to explore. Just find the wording interesting, as it does seem to imply he reported something but that's as far as it went, presumably due to the power Saville wielded.  The fact this was an open secret, makes the likes of Truss and Rantzen for example even more disgusting with their RIP tweets. 

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John Ward giving his view on Liz Truss's opening salvo from behind the lectern at No. 10... 




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John Ward posted: " " The Slog

Don’t kid yourself that Truss is unrepresentative. Far from it.


John Ward

Sep 7






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3 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Take that Labour, we threw white men under the bus before you did. Winning! /s


Woke conservatism in 2022.



Adam Brooks made some good anti lockdown tweets, but is now a contributer to the populist GB News, who

will never, ever name the culprits.


Found this Eng about GB News Mark Steyn


Mark Steyn Lies As Naturally As He Breathes: A Master-Class in Mendacity on behalf of Zionism and the ADL






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Maybe many dont trust Brand either, but a heartening poll anyway





And a restructuring might be something along the lines of the mythical Round Table of Camelot,  where the various different factions of society are all represented in a small and manageable council. Where civilised discourse and debate ensues, and anybody voted in has to be accountable for their actions every few years, ie they have to prove they have followed up on their election promises.

And corruption is not tolerated - the civil servants and bureaucrats in Whitehall will be paid to make sure of this, unlike the current system where they're actually ensuring corruption throughout the entire system. Theyre the problem. That is the problem with all world governments.


Bring back morality and ethics to government - make them governors and public servants - thats what theyre meant to be - not narcissists preening for the cameras and media and making self-serving financial deals for themselves and their cronies.





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