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"I Will Ban All My Ministers From Any Involvement In The World Economic Forum"


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3 hours ago, screamingeagle said:

it's simple he is double speaking 😎


They make all kinds of campaign promises which they absolutly no intention of keeping, say anything popular or trending:

either that or he is going to get JFK'd. Hope it's the second. Never did trust politicians.

Can just see him cowering and squealing like the fat pig he is as the bullets rip around him: " I'm sorry klaus schwab, i was just fucking about to get more followers. I'll still suck satan's cock. Honestly i will.  I'll still be a bastard whore for the ugly rothschilds : Vaccine !!  Fuck the people !! Down with democracy "

- Two-faced bar steward.

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Wouldn’t believe a word any of these low life say.


I laugh at the UK media/commentators and members of public who STILL believe Truss or Sunak will do what they say if they get the prize. Ok we can expect that from media but do the public really still believe what these liars say?

It’s simple…………you cannot keep to your word about anything you promise if you are not the one making the decisions!

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Poilievre is a WEF member, his profile got deleted from the official WEF website like Putin's, but its still viewable on the internet archive:




Do NOT trust any politician even if they say they are against the WEF. Half of Canada's cabinet is infiltrated as Schwab said...

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