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Racism and Anti Semitism on the Forum

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Recently the has been a sharp increase in content that is clearly racist or anti Semitic.


I need ALL members to fully understand that this is not acceptable or legal.

Whilst I fully understand that there are a lot of controversial issues that we discuss on the Forum they must still be done in a manner which does not overstep the law.


The clear and obvious result would be the Forum being closed down through sanctions. This is something none of us want. (I hope).


All members regardless of post count need to fully understand what I am saying. Anyone who continues to post against Forum rules will be removed from the Forum.

I don't want to have to sanction any member. Please just consider your posts content properly before posting.


Mods would be grateful to have content flagged if you find a problem.

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3 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

Both links above give clear about the manner in which we need to act on the forum


This section of the Forum guideliness is very clear




People are welcome to discuss issues surrounding race. Racist remarks will not be tolerated on this forum. Political stances can be discussed without resorting to racial stereo-typing and abusive remarks towards a race of people. Anybody trying to stir up racial hatred will be banned without warning.

The issues surrounding Israel are legitimate subjects for debate and David Icke has not flinched from addressing them despite the attacks on him this has triggered over the years. However, this debate can be conducted without falling into the cesspit of gratuitous racist and anti-semitic abuse. There is no need for this for a view about Israel's policies to be expressed and this is not a place to dump such bile. There are many forums that would welcome it, this one does not.

We do not shy away from discussing controversial topics. We welcome debates where other mainstream media outlets would not. However, this is not an opportunity for anyone with any kind of racist agenda to spread their propaganda or to recruit others.


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