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Kiwi Farms is under attack

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kiwifarms.net is an American website that is under attack by a number of transexual activists.

The major attack is expected this (Monday 29th August 2022) evening.

The website is peculiar to say the least, I lurk there because some of the info posted on various barking mad individuals varies from interesting to downright bizarre.

Some of it is frankly disgusting.


Want to know more than you ever wanted to about Holly Dance her dead son Archie Battersbee? It's there.

Want to discuss pro / anti Holocaust without fear? It's there.

Want the video of the Christchurch and other shootings? It's there.


I knew there were some first class dangerous weirdos around, well, Kiwi Farms is where you find out about them.

Do NOT go into the SRS (bad sexual re-alignment surgery) thread unless you have a strong stomach. Why anybody would ever think it was a good idea to get surgery that bad is beyond me. And the mad people encourage each other despite the terrible results!

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has important info about the current state of play.


kiwifarms.net has been blocked by Cloud Flare

kiwifarms.ru is the Russian mirror that is currently under attack.


Why does any of this matter?

Censorship and freedom of speech.

If Kiwi Farms can be forced off the internet ANYTHING can be forced off the internet - including David Icke.


The future for all of us may well involve TOR and the dark web.


for those that already use TOR.

If you don't use TOR, time to start learning how!


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kiwifarms.net is dead

kiwifarms.ru is dead

kiwifarms.top is working!

Yes, Cloudflare in the USA kicked them off, then DDOS-Guard in Russia kicked them off, so now they are hosted in China.


If you have any concerns around the Alt-Right in the USA, or transexual activists, or general internet weirdos: it is THE place to go to find out more about them than you ever wanted to know.

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Women arrested for her posts on Kiwi Farms Forum.


Caroline Farrow, a journalist and mother-of-five, shared a lengthy thread online detailing her experience with Surrey Police after two police officers reportedly 'forced' their way into her home to arrest her last night.


While in the middle of preparing a roast dinner for her priest husband Robin and five children on Sunday, two police officers rang her at home and allegedly demanded she join them for an interview under caution.


The row stems from a series of anonymous posts shared on forums on Kiwi Farms in June - in which Mrs Farrow is accused of posting 'malicious' content and 'harassing' other users on the online platform.


She has strenuously denied the allegations, explaining instead that she was playing the organ during Mass at the Holy Angels Church, Aldershot.


Is this just the beginning of an end to social platforms ?



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Despite the best efforts of assorted twisted individuals kiwifarms.net is back up and running.

You are advised to download and learn how to use the TOR web browser for your operating system.

Mainly I use kiwifarms.net because it is faster, accessing via TOR is slower, however, should it be necessary:-


is the link to access kiwifarms via TOR and the dark web.



has regular updates on the state of play.


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useful links:-




this one is nasty - extreme caution advised if you are of a sensitive nature!:-



More than you wanted to know about Clara Sorrenti (keffals) the transsexual that managed to cause kiwifarms serious trouble for a week or so:-



Intriguing mix of truth and lies and opinions from Russia, Ukraine, USA etc about the ongoing situation:-



There is lots more, interested in the various arguments in the gaming community? More than you wanted to know!



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