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Urgent advice is needed for our elderly mum with COPD placed on end of life meds


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Urgent advice is needed, especially independent medical advice, and legal regarding our elderly mum.


Our mum has just turned 80 and has had COPD around 10 years, as well as asthma breathing related issues since giving up smoking around 1993. She also has mild glaucoma, diabetes and mild dementia caused by a series of mini strokes these last few years. Her health has deteriorated imho possibly as a result of the covid vaccine and one boaster shot this last 18 months. She very nearly died after the first covid vaccine. I am very much well aware of the VARS and Yellow card statistics and follow UK Column, The Corbett Report, etc. and other independent media for many years.

Certainly she has lost a a lot of weight this last 18 months and has not been in great shape having being admitted into hospital for either low oxygen levels or respiratory infections quite a few times. She has been on oxygen these last 2 years or so. She is currently being looked after at home by various state carers and my sibling when home.

Around a week ago she was admitted again via ambulance to a HDU, high dependency unit. I was constantly told via my sister that she is at deaths door. Turns out this is not the case, certainly a corrupt version of the truth.

Upon discharge my sister discovered that without permission from anyone including my mum, sister and other family, that my mum has been put on end of life treatment drugs, including morphine sulphate, haloperidol, midazolam, glycopyrronaium bromide, lorazapam. My sister was shocked but even more shocked when I told her what all these drugs do and are intended for. Bear in mind our mum has never suffered any form of psychosis ever.

When one of the nurses caught my sister reading my mums chart the day she was being discharged, the nurse literally angrily snatched it out of her hands and told her it was confidental. My sister explained that now she understands every time they told her she was dying she realised our mum had simply been heavly sedated. If there is nothing to hide why snatch away such information and with such anger?

My understanding from UK Column and other such independant media that there is something awry in the NHS regarding elderly persons. It seems that upon being admitted to hospital this time, someone made the decision of a course of action that what amounts to a planned euthanasia of our mum.


She has only been home now for 2 and 1/2 days. While there is a district nurse attending daily to adminster some of these end of life drugs it seems our mum has started to withdraw causing a state of hysteria, mass confusion, panic to the point of screaming, and screaming ‘please help me, ‘please help me, ‘please help me, ‘.
She has been grabbing onto things and lashing out with them such as her oxygen tube. None of this has ever happened before and is clearly a result of the combination of all these very powerful drugs, or her withdrawing from them.
My sister said it is like a psychosis, albeit one caused by these drugs, or the withdrawel from them. Apparently also since coming home she has refused to eat a single meal and is not talking, that is not communacatiing at all. All of this is extermely distressing for everyone especially our mum.

I am of the mind that we need to safely, medically start a plan to withdraw her from these end of life drugs to give a her a fighting chance in her last few years or even months as well as seeking alternative treatments, such as manuka honey, herb based etc which we have already been doing. My understanding that aside that they have already induced panic, screaming and some form of psychosis that she would be better off without some if not all if them.

I am no medical expert
though, neither is my sister and we are kind of at a loss of what to do. Certainly I feel the haloperidol and midazolam, are most definiviely unecessary as until 2 days ago she has never had any form of psychosis, and the lorazapam in itself is already a very strong anti anxity medication. Also if we decide to withdraw her from some or all of these new medications she has been on for only about 2 and 1/2 weeks, where do we stand legally?

What is the best thing to do? What is the best course of action?

For those unaware of this planned euthanasia agenda in the NHS to here is some background to it.



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Im sorry to hear about your mum.


The drugs she’s been given are indeed powerful and often used for ‘end of life care’


This webmd msm link even shows its contraindicated in cases where breathing issues are of concern:



That link also suggests your mother’s panic state since being home are symptoms of too much of these drugs, which should be sedating, antixiolotic - NOT anxiety-inducing.


If her breathing has got worse, i would seek out another gp’s opinion to do a home visit and to alert them to the new cocktail of drugs she’s been given, and ask their opinion.

If your mother is in a fit mental state to answer questions, or has episodes of clarity, film her giving answers to questions concerning her treatment, and her personal preferences for treatment. Ask simple, non-leading questions regarding her medical care.

You have her personal wishes recorded for legal reasons. You as a family can act as representatives of her care wishes. No hospital or doctor can refute her own wishes, because even the medical system has to respect free will choice. 

There are legal papers you can obtain, only if your mother has ‘mental clarity’ - an LPA Lasting Power of Attorny - that gives whoever your mum chooses from her family to make health and financial decisions on her behalf if she is incapable.

There are 2 forms to an LPA - financial decisions LPA, and a Health and Care decisions LPA. You’ll find the link to download the health and care LPA forms on the link below, scroll down the page a bit for the right LPA form to download.



The forms can be filled in online and registered, and there is a nominal fee (£82) to register these legal papers online. (Solicitors charge £1k to register these papers, so best done online yourself, quicker and much cheaper)


As a reminder, your mother needs to have mental clarity to tell you her wishes for you to legally register the forms. It sounds as if these drugs have detracted her mental functioning. Midazolam interferes with memory formation, so no surprise she is confused. The other anti-psych meds are to quell the sedative panic of the midazolam. 

Call a medical solicitor for an urgent 1 hour consultation, for you to know where you as a family stand legally. Are you able to not allow access to drugs nurses to your mum’s home from giving the drugs as your mum has asked for you to help her? That is a question you need to ask a medical solicitor. 


Film her episodes as proof of the effects of the drugs. Get as much proof as possible. Film her talking and expressing her wishes. Your mother does has medical right to refuse treatment that she doesnt like, but she needs to say it/ express that - in writing, on film/video. With that you can legally as a family enforce her wishes, and prevent them from administering drugs she hates being on. 

Her free will HAS to be respected, and legally is. She just needs to express what she wants. A medical legal solicitor will give you an outline of your rights in this situation.


I’m sorry youre going through this - i’ve read and watched a lot of cases of families going through the ‘end of life’ care drug procedures. I hope you are able to gain control over the situation and help your mum via legal help.








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Mullein leaf tincture/tea is excellent for opening the bronchial airways helping breathing issues. It can also be nebulised if made into a tea. The loose leaf herb is widely available and a very common plant. 
It was often smoked before modern pharmacology as a remedy for lung issues. Same with lobelia for lung issues, smoked. 


If you dont have a nebuliser make a strong steam bath/bowl - get your mum to breathe in the steam:

 Boil kettle, add to a bowl with a handful of dried mullein leaves. Stir. Breathe in the vapour. (Be careful with this method if she isnt calm, as hot boiling liquid in a bowl to breathe in the steam requires her to be calm, to avoid accidental spillage.)


Vape mullein tincture/tea is possible as a vape pen is a mini nebuliser. You’d need a vape pen that has cartidges you fill yourself.


Tea of mullein is simple and effective. 1 teaspoon mullein leaves soaked in boiling water 5 mins, stirring - strain, then add sugar or honey to sweeten it to make it more appetising.


From a metaphysical stand-point - the lungs and throat are connected to speech. Often when we have things we feel and cannot say, or our loved ones have feelings unsaid, this can create breathing issues/coughs etc - Years of not expressing ourselves can create an inhibition of the functioning of the body over time.  A method to ‘release’ this and potentially aid breathing is to honestly talk to your mum about how you feel. She may have all kinds of thoughts and feelings she has never talked about, and mother’s tend to feel they could have done more, or done better. If you talk to her and tell her how you love her as a mum, that she has been a joy in your life - everything you truly feel. Even if you have had family upsets like all families often do, talk about those episodes with light-hearts, express forgiveness if that applies. 
When people say ‘i want to clear the air’ - its because the air of unsaid things becomes thick and hard to breathe in.
Your mum may feel stifled as mums often keep their thoughts guarded, for all sorts of reasons. If you, as a family can reassure her of your love and thank her for the mother she has been to you all, it helps you all say what often doesnt get said. It can be relieving for all. Then no-matter what happens we know we’ve said what we truly feel, and we can’t harbour guilt for not telling our loved ones we love them. 

Hope this helps





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On 8/27/2022 at 1:15 PM, BatFinkRises said:

Urgent advice is needed, especially independent medical advice, and legal regarding our elderly mum


16 hours ago, BeeThrive said:

Hope this helps


Such kind and thoughtful advice. 


I'm so sorry to hear of this situation and hope that you have found some one to help you?

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Black seed oil...or Nigella oil can almost completely relieve COPD.


It helped my dad..... he doesn't have the endless coughing fits since I discovered black seed oil when in North Africa where its benefits are well-known.

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On 9/17/2022 at 10:46 AM, Edgewood said:

Black seed oil...or Nigella oil can almost completely relieve COPD.


It helped my dad..... he doesn't have the endless coughing fits since I discovered black seed oil when in North Africa where its benefits are well-known.


Its some time since I read this, I must buy some oil and get my friend to give it a try! Thanks Edgewood 

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