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Energy Crisis 24/7 - Media - Quotes - Narrative - SOS - Covid in New Clothes?


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I'm interested in the behavioural science side of the energy situation, considering the long time aim to change our lifestyles, with carrots or sticks.


10.40 on 27/08/22

The German Ambassador on LBC says that Germany has good energy storage, but wants to cut usage by 20% 

Matt Frei asks, does he find it strange that our government haven't told us to reduce consumption? And is it because we see it as the nanny state?


Matt Frei asks his listeners has the energy situation changed your view of the war in Ukraine? He said in Italy and France (Le Pen) they are discussing stopping the sanctions, due to the rising energy costs, and says it's not something that has been openly discussed in the UK yet.


Will the British people go soft on Putin? We need to look after our energy costs?


The next guest, Lord Robertson, says Putin wants to tire us out. The British people are onside in this campaign, but there will be a price that we have to pay .. it's the direct consequence of Russia starting a war on a neighbouring peaceful country. You and I have grown used to a world where there is some sort of order ... Ukraine need to get more weapons, and we need to hold our nerve.


If Russia stops fighting there will be no war. If Ukraine stops fighting there will be no Ukraine. This is going to be hard nasty and long. Putim can't stand down and lose face.


MF; The PM touched on this level of sacrifice, but the two leaders haven't mentioned it. There is more to it than Russia, like the shareholders are getting more money than the pipes that need to be maintained. We don't seem to have a lot of skin in the game. 


LR; Instead of articulating the case against Putin, she makes casual references to our ally. It was a very childish comment. She is still the foreign secretary of this country. Macron responded like an adult. It's a bad signal of what she might do if she comes into power in ten days time. 


Caller says, stop it, what are the sanctions even doing?! What are Ukraine's neighbours doing?!


Another caller rants; we need to stop Russia now because we've got our values. Turn the lights off at picadilly circus. We won ww2. We should have more sanctions ... the money is going to a clique of people who buy yachts. Etc!


MF; Do we have the resources? What do you say to Brits in this country who are suffering, and can't heat their homes?


Ukrainian guest; Ukraine is not doing this to you. If Ukraine fails the prices will not go down. This tyrant wants to conquer the whole of Europe, please stick with us so that we can win.


(This is all so 1984 Orwell - perpetual war)


The following feature is on the sewage being pumped into the sea. We have known about this for decades. Why are they openly revealing this daily now? What agenda is it forcing? Is it nationalisation?

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