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                                                                  ^ Gray                                                                                                          ^ the Grays craft


If you can't get your head around the top image. you can't get what fallows


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The Pilot.



The doctor. children call him


Children have drawn images very much like this. I seen these types of drawing older UFO encounters / obduction. in the media of those times.

Today we try not talk about children and UFO


Sky's this discovery i made at 4 years old viewing a map of the world. When I 1st seen this set 1st time it did not dawn on me. It was not till i lay the out the art.


These images are from Mars. However there is a connection to Earth in these images as  profile Which is only seen on the earth,  Which also includes a body shape from that time. Water has raisin so these shape are now more distorted. As for the profile can only be seen as speculation until u add the BnW speckled image in the above post.

Then becomes a bit more harder to just explain away...

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I have often talked about our personal relation ship with what we call Aliens. or ET <corrected E+T. works an the whys. Why paranoia severest no one. and only severs to add to misconceptions. which in turn creates more misconnects. great if u like circle debates the lead no where.


However this is NOT how i do thing. I can only inform you based on what i know. I am a firm believer in the common good. An that human kind can do the right thing. Based on the facts.. 


The most important fact with E+T. We are all alive and we all die. The inescapable truth.


This a training tool built by me somewhere back in the very late 90s early 2000s. it show you shapes and how those shape hide.... It very simplified tool. to what i would do today


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let's say we want to make contact with one these object using these techno skill.

1st you have to know where that object is ; and what going on in the world at that location. that has attracted these being to this location.


This object in fact know the drawing was created in the late 90 early 2000's can be seen over the Queens casket like over the whole UK.

This object can be seen in the media of the event. You don't show up to a funeral except to pay respects.

No one at this time has realized this is happening in here and now.

What would look like 


It would look like this only with the shape of the above created image.

how could we make contact we use a helicopter n trace out there out line in front them. there by acknowledging we see them n have no hostile intent. merely saying we know you are there static in the sky watching us

You shine light were the current used car salesmen ops mean government leader is waiting for them. 


Sky's ether it show a uncommon respect for someone who has just passed away


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Here we see a epic shape we all recognize a up side down saucer projecting a face made up of shapes human looking shapes




in these images The cam is focus on the flower n building. Not the sky. my focus here ; is on shapes we all recognize. If said draw basic shape of a face a cross with Christ around it. many would draw it in the same way. Again this really here the image is out focus. to what I'm talking about. how ever it makes no difference as the BASIC shapes are present n clearly visible.


again here the sky is not the focus of the shot. make real difference because classic shapes and projection. The way they behave in the natural world we call Earth


it come compete with i believe is the classic human angle. also not uncommon is a face in the chest on the angle. it very hard to tell because it out of focus in that location bottom left circle.



here 2 main object again classic shapes. 1 of these 2 show  a wheel which near biblical. in my life i only seen them a few time most are in arts


None this should stop people from thinking every metal UFO is man made. these small craft are scout or science crafts. in some cases out fitted as fighter. We seen this with missile disruption. actual shooting down a ICBM. these passive weapon system main used to disrupted that devolvement


Skys very very up lifting imagery

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Eye of god this image is unique. where the appears in multiple locations in a line. generally the eye can appear in multiple seeming random locations in a image it's not to often we see a direct line. i happen to know what the eye is about. Most if any one do not. they don't know what it is. or how it works or what it dose. The why it is What people know universally is that it's symbol of great importance.it dose not matter if it seem good or evil that is a human concept. It can not be apply to the information. no matter the location the symbol implies global matters. never to a single clutter. it appear in the UK but there global matters.


God takes no side. he is part life and death.






Sky's life and death is the symbol for Alpha where we start Omega where we end

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The Tether Event









there actual history to this event very few know including attempted to cover up the story in that day back in the 90's. the video came out throw a university in BC Canada an analyzed by people there..... before NASA had a chance. The video was made public by UFO BC.. Old school UFO site a place where we can inform some one of what we seen...


The tether it self was basely fool proof.an attempt to draw electric power directly from space. and it all looks great on paper... The tether it self is like 16 miles long. it filled with gas's they hope will conduct this endless free power in space. kwel right.


the line go's out an at or near the end of the tether that sucker snapes right at the the ship it self start it trip in to the void. those gas's mix in zero G. an hocus-pocus space light up for likely 100s of sq miles. 

At this point i like to say that NASA speaks for it self an in the video's 

That said if i recall they try to brush off as space debris flowing in fount of the cam. Swap gas statement.... There live there NO delay. the people were watch have called every one awake,


We just watched several very large object pass behind the . then 100s UBC at the time said in there video the tether 16 miles long the largest object passing about 15 or 16  miles in diameter. and that there bigger the farther be hide the tether. tether they are.


The Chines connection ;in the same decade a man from China discovers a stone that is the same shape an with the black triangle carved in to it. The stone it self is dated to about 18,000 years


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 thank you for standing up, but these 2 post are all in fun. there big difference when some one who doesn't like me or what im saying set on a disruptive side track. No need for sorry alexa you are a loud to have fun and speak your mind. It is 1 reason why im am here.


DaleP I would be privilege to see your UFO IMAGE you talk about in Cloaked ships


The set up on the Fix the mark E+T

The USoA propaganda machines roll out for the press. This video was NEVER available in this time. it was not on line for people to view

Every time they say they go up there to learn. HUMANITY looks like CLOWNs because of the CIA happy horse chit you can tell who's going to play the CIA and who's not.

At this time the don't ask about what you don't want to know is implemented. Which is a self imposed treat. the gov has you impose the treat to your self 


in this vide we venting i think its waste water by the way it vents. it shoot out in jet Away from the Ship an equipment. NASA would what the imagery is space debris hanging around the ship because its gravity Epically WRONG !!!!

the ship has no gravity greeter then what out there.  unless junk moving with ship the heaviest gravity quick pull away any gas or light debris we see just how fast in the up coming video, Gas's are the 1st thing pull away from a space craft. there no magic bubble keeping these debris around the space craft


Last if Nasa claim was true about Space debris Would not every asteroid we encounter be the same way. what ever hit a asteroid that dust would still be floating around from the dawn of time. huge Clown statements.




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Posted (edited)

So i am not in disagreement with the uneducated or human primitive sciences behind these very feeble statements. for the hard of thinking Smiles 2 thumb up. it just NOT what i am about. far be it from to debate such a towering intellect as people such as this. I better put my head underground and start to Promote fear about the subject a every one else.


I met this young person on a chat site an he post a image of  hill with the sun come over it in winter they seem educated, the young person explain what i knew by human science's. I was looking at a sun in winter forming ice crystal in the sky creating the shape of the great EYE of god as it were. i am from the Canadian East coast so i know what cold really is. I have seen this kind of thing before. i when on to say that i understand the science's behind this cloud formation. did not matter Like a mad man he begins grab for straws. intent on proving to me NO other word meant anything other then his ape human science's matter and his idea was the only thing right.


In other words he did not have another other proof. he had not lived long enough to under stand anything but what he was programed to understand from school.

he had no knowledge of religion or any faith. he never taken the time for a higher or self education. in order to learn the fundaments of life


So when he looked at this its ice crystal benign seen throw sunlight. nothing of wonder was there for him. it all came down to his understanding of his own understanding of human primitive sciences. Really that he did not understand ether.


So long ago i when i started I come up with the a easy set of rules that govern using math to show how how epically wrong they are.


It dose NOT matter what the problem with the image is ; What matter is were all seeing the very same thing. This all excludes anything like parabola. Why It is NOT MATHICALLY possible for every one to see the same image in a cloud. It not even mathically possible for 2 people to see the very same cloud image. That what random shapes mean. there random. no one will ever see the same to shapes. No clouds have identical shapes Not even the same kind cloud. Why because there random it NOT possible for 2 clouds set of the same cloud pattern to have the same shape.


there a set rules i use to find the images i do a copyright technic. Mean's don't reproduce my stuff. Don't try to explain my mind with your loads of horse chit. Don't try and think for me. you suck at an you will look bad trying,


So rule 1 is use math. Don't limit your self to the primitive mind set. that mind set leads NOWHERE in circles


rule 2 what other anomalies are there in the imagery. what symbol can be found with that image raw. To help us under stand maybe a bit more. So what i am asking my self is this ice crystal reflected an refracting off the sun. Or something more


rule 3 Location an replication of image by location using history. has the spiral in the sky is that NEW or has it happen before we could do that. 1 big face appears out of a bleeding volcano. But what if show 10,000 faces in the same image. All that primitive science's go's straight out the window Volcanos mountain are written in our faiths religions history's as special places.


other rules test that image for man made production.

looking for other sources.


denial looks just like this. Sky's your a Some kind mental disorder is NAMED. An there epically wrong be cause there not a shrink or a phycologist. they do not good enough education to even studied fields of expertise But they forum an opinion. they walk away mad because they can't realize there wrong. It just not possible for them to be wrong in there own minds.


this is the f 17 nighthawk

to the west this this old out date . 80's tech used in the 90's life span in the US of A maybe 20 years. 30 if they keep building there parts < very important  are there parts to keep this brick in the sky. are there trained people still in the severest people trained to strap on this armor an actual use it as it was meant to be used.


How is it meant be used sneak in under enemy radar. And kill those targets getting  there an back home again. every attacking nation would give there left nut to have this old out date device in there weapons arsenal's they pay 1,000 times what it worth to build. to have an revises that tech. so they could up grade there fights or create better fighters


example news Poland sells crashed US drone to China.



Sky's ; Poland is killing Ukraine, because of greed. China would Never have the ability to do this with out that 1st drone.

15 STRANGE CLOUDS seen around the world


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Posted (edited)

Mars ; we actual know a few thing about Reppies





these images really boot frack the people who claim parabola to kind of imagery. it makes them all look as dumb as they come,  Now dont for get i know and under stand what is parabola. i get that this isn't it

This is NOT it Parabola. there something else going on here

this section is about Reptilians the images should help with some deeper understanding Kick the pricks  in the balls who fart it parabola





People who are afraid well there really afraid of every thing. and they probably have a reason to be afraid.

Which please  me to no end






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