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Russian Orthodox Church's War in Ukraine


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Neither side in the war in Ukraine is innocent nor righteous.  Duh. 

Many ignore the role the Orthodox Church is playing in the war. In fact the church is central to the conflict. 


Brief history of Kiev 


The spiritual capital of Rus mother Russia:


"The church of the caves in Kiev dates back a thousand years and is named so because it sits on a series of caves.  Before the Orthodox Church took power they were pagan."


 "Vladimir the Great proceeded to summon the whole city to the banks of the river Dnieper for a mass baptism in 988. This is the founding, iconic act of Russian Orthodox Christianity. It was from here that Christianity would spread out and merge with the Russian love of the motherland, to create a powerful brew of nationalism and spirituality. In the mythology of 988, it was as if the whole of the Russian people had been baptised. Vladimir was declared a saint."

"When the Byzantine empire fell, the Russians saw themselves as its natural successor. They were a “third Rome”.


"Again, as in Rome, a secular power Communism attempted to inflict a mortal wound to the Orthodox Church but failed.  The church slowly regained power after the fall of communism and in 2019, Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, boasted that they were building three churches a day."


Russia, however is still suffering the effects of communist secularism.  It is a long, long way off from becoming an Orthodox nation.  Many women there have had multiple abortions, some 20.  Many are morally bereft and  drunk.   It's the government that is run by the Orthodox Church, not the people.  Kirill started the slow conversion with the military.

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Dima Adamsky’s , Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy: Religion, Politics, and Strategy,


demonstrates convincingly that there are indeed important signs being missed all around us, pointing to a longstanding nexus between the Russian Orthodox Church and the country’s nuclear-military-industrial complex.


A nuclear priesthood emerged in Russia, permeated the units and commands in charge of Russia’s nuclear forces, and became an integral part of the nuclear weapons industry. Starting with the Soviet Union’s dissolution in 1991,  the Russian Orthodox Church positioned itself “as one of the main guardians of the state's nuclear potential and, as such, claims the role of one of the main guarantors of Russian nuclear security.” At first the church partnered with the military, enabling servicemen to fulfill their religious obligations while on duty. In time, religion penetrated more deeply into the military, as Russia’s political elite and religious elite intertwined. Today, the church has entrenched itself at the tactical and operational levels of the Russian nuclear forces. 




So the Orthodox Church effectively has control of Russia's nuclear Arsenal.  The  warheads have also been blessed and named after Orthodox saints how cute.  


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One may consider the Orthodox Church to be a soft power or say Putin is simply using it as a tool but the truth is it is the Orthodox Church that is pulling the strings here.  Putin may or may not be  a true convert, but there are people in the inner circle of government who have been there long before him and will be there when he is gone.

Notably Kirill the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and Sergei Shoigu, Russia's defense minister who's brain child was this: 





Some highlights:

Check out the big warhead sculpture in the front of the "church"


"Angels hover above artillery, religious images are adorned with Kalashnikovs and the Virgin Mary strikes a pose reminiscent of a Soviet second world war poster."


"Symbolic numbers have been coded into the dimensions – the diameter of the main dome, for example, is 19.45 metres. Trophy weapons and tanks seized from the Wehrmacht were melted down and used in the creation of the cathedral’s metal floors."

Wtf a sane person would say.





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I can't speak for Russians, but as an outsider, it makes no sense to me that people that slaughtered Russian Christians have so much power in the Russian Orthodox Church. Maybe Russians just don't care. People talk like Russia is some wholesome and traditional nation, but church attendance is much higher in Ukraine to my knowledge.

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Now to the conflict.


"In October 2018, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church officially split from its Russian counterpart, after more than 300 years.


For Ukraine, this was a major moment, as it represented another step in breaking away from political, economic and religious subservience to Russia.


In Russia meanwhile, alarm bells were going off. Ukraine has the world’s third largest Orthodox Christian population, after only Russia and Ethiopia, and roughly 12,000 of the Russian Orthodox Church’s 36,000 parishes were in Ukraine."


"As a result of the split, the Russian Orthodox Church stands to lose much of its territory, believers and, crucially, its spiritual and symbolic authority over Ukraine."


This war is not only an attempt at rebuilding the Russian world as it was  a thousand years ago but a power grab on behalf of the Orthodox Church itself. 


Many will say great bring those atheists godless people back to traditional values.  But this is not a religion of God. It is a counterfeit just as Rome is. 

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On 3/18/2022 at 7:53 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:


'According to material from the Soviet archives, Kirill was a KGB agent (as was Alexei). This means he was more than just an informer, of whom there were millions in the Soviet Union. He was an active officer of the organization. Neither Kirill nor Alexei ever acknowledged or apologized for their ties with the security agencies.'




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In my opinion, it's all about destroying the Occident. It's something they want to do before they can usher in the antichrist and build the third temple.


I think Francis is in on it too.



If you watch Russian TV, they're constantly banging on about the West being the Great Satan, but the people that have done all this are the same people that have made the West depraved, it's not the fault of Western people.

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On 9/17/2021 at 6:08 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:




See what they have done? They have made an entirely satanic image of Christendom in the Western world, and OpSIG active measures have turned westerners against their own nations.


On 8/22/2022 at 6:15 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:



>World leaders that hate western people use 9/11 as a pretext to fvck up the Middle East

>World turns on the West







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"Behind the mask of diplomatic and political cooperation and partnership with the United States and Europe, the current Russian leaders are following the strategy of their predecessors and working towards a 'New World Order'. When the right moment comes the mask will be dropped and the Russians with Chinese help will seek to impose their system on the West on their own terms."

-Anatoliy Golitsyn


Perestroika Deception


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Jerusalem Mystic: Russia in Ukraine begins WWIII; then Gog and Magog


Why does the JPost want Christians to go to war?


Christians, wake up: If world doesn't stop Putin - NATO, Israel are next

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