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Amazing animals and the things they do / can do.

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2 hours ago, legion said:

This bird clearly watched and listened.. 



😂 That's friggin hilarious !!!!!  🤣  No need to take this clip apart - know it's a voiceover,   but it's still superbly done!
I love just how long the clip goes on, (it would be a short shag - but a long video clip) if you aren't laughing at the beginning at it - then you are by the end!  I love the sexual sigh at 1:15-1:16 😂  The birds rhythmic porno style and empassioned movements! 🤣
Nice one!  (no likes left but this one has to have one so coming back tomorrow to give this its righful reward!)


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add sexual sigh comment after watching the vid back
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A lost dog has been reunited with its owner after walking into a police station. Rosie, a border collie, ran away from her owner after being scared by a firework during a walk at Southfields Park, Loughborough on 3 November. CCTV footage captured the moment Rosie wandered into Loughborough Police Station, where she sat in the waiting room.



Clever and well behaved dog. 🤣

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Where I live now I get to see these tiny ants lift up above their heads, insects and spiders a gazillion times their size - march them up the wall to wherever they are living where I guess they devour them for lunch. They have zero chance. Fascinating to watch.


Seems so impossible, shows what you can do when you work together.

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