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Celebrate exam result sucess with a gift card from your favourite corporate brands

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Congratulations! Your kids have passed their social engineering exams with flying colours and are now ready for the 'real world'!


What better way to reward their success by buying them a gift card for their favourite corporate brands?


If you're really lucky, maybe your kids will go on to work for one of these corporate giants, where they can be exploited at minimum wage?


If your kid didn't do so well, then never mind, there's always the possibility of a shelf-stacking job at Iceland on the cards...

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On 8/20/2022 at 3:22 PM, Grumpy Owl said:


there's always the possibility of a shelf-stacking job at Iceland on the cards...

thats what the snoflakes with pointless degrees end up doing so they don't have to pay their debt off



More than £17 billion is loaned to students every year with the current outstanding student loan balance standing in the region of £160 billion as of March 2021. Its estimated that by the middle of the century, the outstanding balance could be as much as £560 billion

These figures are eyewatering! But did you also know that the average debt for a graduate that finished their studies in 2020 was £45,000

The government expects only 25% of these students to pay their loans in full.

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