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Yes They Are DELETING The Internet, And Its WAY Worse Than You Think


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17 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:


Search engines today are nothing of the sort.


They used to just be an 'index of the internet', you could search for anything and as long as your search terms matched, any web page would be listed.


Now its all driven by money. I get bombarded with spam emails every day from people offering 'SEO services' and offering to get our website at work into the "top ten" Google search results.


It is near impossible to do this organically now, as search results are dominated by who can pay the most for certain 'keywords', ie 'pay-per-click'.


And of course it is only big corporate businesses who have the kind of financial firepower required in order to 'outbid' everyone else and get their pages ranked higher than everybody else.


If you're shopping for products, its always the same Amazon and eBay listings that appear at the top, then other big companies such as Argos, Wayfair etc.


And if you're searching for news topics, its always the same mainstream media outlets that come up. No wonder the likes of Reach Plc spam exactly the same news stories across all their platforms, its a universal way of ensuring the 'official narrative' of any given topic is followed.


And of course it is well known that the likes of Google can easily 'black-hole' certain websites from appearing in search results at all.



Something curious I have always found though is that of all the many articles I have written on my own website, there is only one that gathers a large number of views on a consistent basis, it is also by far the 'most viewed' page on my site.


Try doing a search for the term "turkish barbers" on DuckDuckGo, Google and Bing.


You'll notice that my website appears in page 1 of results on DDG and Bing, but not on Google.


In fact remarkably, on Bing, the link to my website is contained in the very first search result!






Interesting perspective. I knew that Google could make it difficult to find certain websites but I didn't know they could make it impossible.


Also, as regards the Turkish barber thing, I've wondered about that phenomenon myself. In my hometown, which is very small, there are two Turkish barbers. Also on one street, there is a Turkish bakery, a Barbers, and a flower shop all run by Turkish people, all side by side.

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On 8/18/2022 at 10:43 PM, Truthblast said:


America ALWAYS does the same thing:


- Let people "run wild" with a new thing initially so it becomes "cool"

- Wait until enough millions of people come onboard the "cool" thing

- This can take a few years

- Then CHOKE, CONSTRAIN & CONTROL the now not so new thing in an almost TOTALITARIAN fashion




- Turn a blind eye to filesharing for a while so that people get used to DIGITAL MUSIC


- Take ZERO steps to regulate Crypto Currencies for a while, so that the future blockchain Digital Dollar feels natural to the Crypto crowd


- Let people download cracked copies of really expensive professional software for a while so that any lesser software feels like trash in future use


- Let people install 1 copy of Windows on multiple PCs for a while so that competitors have no chance


- Let people freely swap or share movies on DVD discs with friends for a while






- Let the new thing scream "freedom"

- Get millions hooked on it

- Suck the life out of it




-Movie franchises which get worse and worse

- Game franchises which get worse and worse

- Popular music which gets worse and worse

- News coverage which gets worse and worse



America always HOOKS YOU, then SPITS IN YOUR FACE when you are used to the product

A bit like heroin dealers. I'd be approached by new faces, offered a sample, given their number, enjoy the sample, get a fair deal on some fire gear - drop my previous dealer - and watch the quality go downhill over time.


Being desperate people, we'd put up with the poor quality because it was better than nothing. All as we could do was wait for the next new face to repeat the same pattern.


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On 8/15/2022 at 10:07 PM, Anti Facts Sir said:

 Nobody wants to see my arse on instagram.

And yet, you still have that avatar?🤨👍

I realised at the outset that FaceFuck was just the modern day version of a keyhole for nosey fuckers to peep through!👎


True story = A woman from our hometown got in touch with my wife via F/B and asked if her husband ---- -------- was the same man who used to live in ---------- ? She said 'yes' and this person said 'I nearly went to the police over what he said about me at school'! This silly cow lived next door to my family when I was at school, but, I left school in 1963 aged fifteen! My wife asked what I'd said nearly fifty years ago? and she replied 'HE KNOWS WHAT HE SAID '!🤫 My wife asked  me if I remembered what I'd said all those years back? I said 'no truthfully I don't, unless it was= I bet you grow up to be an internet stalker, you freako'! Fifty years, a stint in the army, ten years of driving all over the continent, years of bus driving, and two wives and six kids later, and I'm supposed to remember secondary modern school tittle tattle? Nah I think not!🤔

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