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Has Hollywood Ever Made A POSITIVE Film About The PALESTINIANS?


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I mean a film where they don't shout "Allahu Ackbar" and blow up half the neighborhood?


There are so many COOKIE CUTTER films about some CIA/FBI dude braving the "perils of a Middle Eastern city", in order to track down and kill "Hassan The Baby Butcher" or somesuch.


Strangely, the city also ALWAYS looks EXACTLY the same - yellow dust, old buildings with cables hanging off of them, bearded Arab men racing around in white pickup trucks - because you have to drive REALLY fast when you have a beard. Magically, the American hero can also sneak right up to the "terrorists" without anyone spotting him. Arab housewives never look out the window in the Middle East. 🤣


But seriously, does anyone know a Hollywood film where Palestinians are portrayed like real people?

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