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Deja vu Glitches Signs Repeating

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Strange times we face. I thought I had already awoken, due to an extremely traumatic event I feel in hindsight was my destiny, I feel like I can say with absolute certainty I have finally arrived in my vessel. I found God, now I am not necessarily religious but have solidified a personal relationship with him, for you as an interchangeable term for the force that animates all things we know and can't know.


Recently over the past few weeks I had at least one precognitive dream and experienced more extreme and frequent feelings of deja vous more than I have in my entire life. I have been told I can see mirrors, I have had premonitions frequently my entire life. A couple of movies like shutter Island and the Trueman show I feel resonate with me, and if you watch Mike Tyson he shares this incredible feeling that the entire world is about him, and I feel that about myself too. Everything is far too coincidental recently.


I was stressed the other night and fought feelings of not being bothered enough to reach a destination I had in my mind on a short walk. Somebody threw a bag of rubbish with a couple bottles strewn on the pavement or sidewalk just before my destination. I knew he had put those things there for me to pick up and feel better about everything, and wow it did. I loved picking up the rest of the trash on the way home and trying to connect with this hard character more deeply I always see on this route, when I got to the bin he was nearby. Now I remember the same walk and picking up the same bag in the same place the same bottles everything, like were all repeating and just can't see it. We need to move on. Onwards and upwards. Find the light in everything. I picked up a ball and worried how I would return it only to turn it round and see the address on the ball. I remember the same ball now. I came through the door and my mum was really upset about the young boy who died after tying a ligature round his neck, a new craze society has driven our youth too. I remember something similar pressing on each others chests when I was young.


We went for a walk and my mother was hysterical as I responded to her with love, she was projecting her traumas but trying to teach me lessons I have already learned, but I didn't see the actual lesson. When we got home I realised I couldn't interpret her language at all so I got a pad and paper and wrote down a couple messages of positivity of how I want to live my life going forward, with the intent that nothing else was an option. Afterwards I began to write down what my mum was saying as I felt it was so important, quickly I had this sense that not only was my mum being channelled but also being channeled by different sources. My brain could not not quite keep up with my writings but I managed it with extremely high blood pressure. I spoke back to whom I believe can only be God, so I wrote everything I felt he wanted me too. Now I realise if you live right you're always being channeled. When I was writing I felt that everything was biblical, It made me think wow, this must be how the Bible was wrote. Scriptures, not perfect but they had to be "gotten out" or "let go" at the right time. This went on for over an hour or more I couldn't do anything but write and it was so difficult to keep up and God told me to calm down once. He gave me several messages about why we had to come here and if we didn't nature would have done what we are doing just as quick. The world is dead, its an antiquated system and we need to update our computer systems but cannot for the way we are living. We need to go back. We need to slow down. We need most of us to find a common goal. Doing the good work. Nurturing nature. The world can heal but it needs less poison. We need to stop everything and nurture everything with food and water. They are trying to stop this. They poison nature and make it more destructive with genetically modified everything.


We wrote all of this down and more, it's going to be the start of my book. I won't change the wording because it's not perfect, like nature, all our systems and what we create has malfunctions. Its our cells misfiring. That's why you can get something then it goes. The misfire stops. We wrote all of this and more, way more.


Now you might think I'm crazy and dyslexic and whatever else but I ask you, if you listen to the truth. The real truth. Who could be anything else?


So the de ja vous, I'm wondering if anyone can help me find the name for what has happened to me. The word infinity is in my mind but I can't put it together. I lived the same motorcycle test ride and made the same offers with the same people, I got to town and the same woman crossed the road in the same place with her two kids without looking, with my helmet open I shouted WHOA exactly the same as last time. Later mum and I witnessed the same small child crossing the road infront of my van without looking, with no parents in the exact same position again. The same experiences have happened more and more but my mind is still cloudy and I can't bring them all to the front of my mind which is why I'm here writing this down while I still can. We need to write diaries. Its all happened before many times. Many things recently I now remember I spoke to the same woman in Greg's about the cold food they would "sell in outlets, because not allowed to discount" I did everything to connect with her and I walked out with the pizza without paying. I felt almost like I couldn't take it as I remember how it feels to go above and beyond even if it means putting your job, your self on the line. In sainsbury my mum was shivering in the cold section. It was freezing but I stood there and clenched my fists and looked up with my eyes closed as my body absorbed the cold like it was nothing.


Many more experiences thIs month I wish I could remember and write them all down here now to show you. I know it's him showing me that now I've reached my vessel, my destination finally at 27 I know I have reached it after coming so close so many times.


Now I know the truth. We don't know what we are doing or what we want to do.


But experience shows you the best thing you can do is nurture.


So if you don't know what to nuture the best thing you can do is nuture what is right in front of you, and if you feel you can't do that then you need to take one big look in a mirror. Look into your eyes into your soul and beyond, because that thing you should nurture is you! All of it Because! Because then you'll naturally nurture everything else too!


Honestly this has been really hard but easy in comparison this time coming to terms with and there is so much more to this story, so much more that I could not even tell yet, so I must write the book, maybe I can do it with my mum, and with him. 


We must live by the ten commandments.


We need more rules. More morals. We need to come to this together. 


But we are creatures of habit, so not all of us can, but strength comes in numbers so that's why I say most. 


Sadly, I see we are already all awake now, everyone is trying in ways, but something got in the way (I think you know what) so now people aren't sure what to believe and the antiquated systems aren't showing the cell misfires or truths until its too late. We can't keep up for the birth rate because of the way we are living. We all need to change what we want and slow down. Too busy to find peace and interpret the knowledge that's inside all of us. So we must have faith in what we don't know, I think that's how I found him, because I think he's been showing me the signs all along. Sometimes things are meant to be and time has shown me I've reached my place, or has he shown me the signs all over again. Maybe they didn't happen in such a short frame of time before, but now I'm aware he knew to show me them all over again in quick succession. Now I'm open to it all. How I read everything on here and interpret it like never before, without fear or yawning without concentration, but with love and respect and being able to read between the lines.


After all aren't all colds "genetically modified" from animals? Who knows, it is not for us to know or play what we can't. Its about ENT wim Hoff, its all close to the brain. Cold create high blood pressure but the jab create it too. Nature is the way out, we need to go back! We posioned everything, flooded it. Now it floods us back. Poison in the rain water. Is what you are drinking and washing with safe anymore? Why can't I make sense of my memories at one time? Why can't you? I'm finally figuring everything out. Its all falling into place. Everything is connected, like seeds mixing in the skies, all you need is inside.



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