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What is wealth to you?

Golden Retriever

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I haven't watched the video in its entirety, but I wanted to post this comment because today after over two years of hardly any

communication mainly due to Covid differences but also because of personal problems my adult son and I have reconnected.❤️


No amount of money could have replaced the heartfelt loss of my son during the last two years


I'm not saying that the invention called "money" is irrelevant because I myself have struggled financially for many years and people

in the third world die because of the lack of it to buy food and clean water... how on earth does this happen in this day and age?



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It's a very good question, and I'm glad you asked it.


To me 'wealth' is a bit of an abstract concept, and it obviously means diffrent things to different people.


Most people associate wealth with money and other material things.


OK, I don't own any property, I rent a nice little 1 bed flat in a (mostly) quiet area, and I have my own private garden. The rent is affordable, and the property is quite spacious.


Other than regular monthly outgoings, like rent and bills, I don't have any debts. I have no loans to pay off, and I don't have any credit cards.


All the possessions I have here in my flat (with the exception of the white goods in the kitchen which are the landlord's) are mine, paid for in full using my own money which I earn from my full-time job. I don't have a great many number of possessions, but I have everything I need in order to live a comfortable life when I am at home.


I don't have a great amount of money saved up, but I have enough for any emergencies.


I know what it is like to be saddled with debts, and when you reach a point where you can't afford to make your repayments, that's when you need to take drastic action.


I lived very frugally for five years, and even after my IVA was completed, I continued to do so. I learned a very harsh lesson, and have ended up much better off as a result.


I don't want for anything, I understand the difference between 'want' and 'need'.


And of course I have a great job, I work with great colleagues who I consider my best friends. And I have my family too.


So on that basis, I consider myself to be 'wealthy'.

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I came from a fairly wealthy family so i know what its like to not want for most things. But i choose through many difficult personal moments in my life not to care to much for money or material things. Thats not to say sometimes i like to buy something nice for me. To me im happy to no longer worry about a mortgage or a new car. To me my wife and son are the most important things to me. Yes its nice to be able to have almost anything i want but i have known alot of very rich people and most of them are selfish assholes. Also most of them are all divorced. So i would always choose family over money no question.

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