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We WILL dictate how YOU live your lives (as uncomfortably as possible)


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1 hour ago, CarpeDiem said:


- Henceforth, all toilets in Spain may only be flushed on Thursdays between 13:00 and 13:30 hours, and no more than once


- Only one washing machine may operate per city street, and only in the Spring months


- All newspapers must fit on 1 sheet of recycled A4 paper folded in half


- The Pamplona Bull Run will henceforth substitute cats on rollerskates for bulls, and nobody may run faster than 8km/h


- Catalans can henceforth only use paper planes for air travel and the flights must be headed South always


- Female tourists who sunbathe topless may only expose one half of one breast to the sun at any one time


- Car owners must drive in such a way that at most 2 tires of the car have prolonged contact with the road


- Internet cafes may only seat 2 customers at a time, and the computers must be of a handcranked type


- Any Spaniard who needs to ride a train must be prepared to push the train along the tracks for the entirety of the journey


- Any Spaniard caught reading David Icke's forum or Rense.com will be punished by having to sit through repeated viewings of a 10 hour video recording of the Paris Fashion Show 2021


- Any tourist caught using sunscreen within Spain's borders will be punished by having to be Spain's goalkeeper at the 2022 Qatar World Cup

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