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Open letter to the United States government, Russian government and the international intelligence community. CC: Society

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An email to the CIA, and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been sent. I will post later as PDF may be compromised. 


Finding official emails that people can use to reach our intelligence agencies proved very difficult. Social media appears to be their preferred form of “communication”. It is as if any private communication channels with our intelligence community is strictly limited at best and undesirable at worst.  


I will update this thread if I can…



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3 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

dont download this, possible malware attached.

win32/presenoker - if unintended or false positive, could you provide the open letter openly please

Its rather long at 27 pages. I tried attaching it here, it wont take a pages file. No malware on my part I tried downloading it, it seems to open up fine.


I'll try and export some jpegs and load them up here...

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Hope these jpegs work.


I guess a little heads up about the topic at hand is in order. In the summer of 2019 I was manipulated into going public about being a geopolitical pawn, target individual and mind control victim of powers that be inthe US and Russia. Immediately after the US ambassador to Russia resigned and COVID just happened to sweep the world into an unimaginable Orwellian nightmare.


This is my attempt to reach out and appeal to the US and Russian governments to shed some light on and stop the targeted terror I am subjected to daily.  



Good news: Swat did not storm my house and the FBI did not come knocking on my door. The sound harassments and wall cracks died down so noticeably after publishing this it was eerie. I can’t stress how nice it feels not to be hounded by that crap, how refreshing unmolested normality feels.

Bad news: I got automated emails back from the CIA and the Russian Ministry of Foreign relations, reaching out via email is not only discouraged, it is not possible. The stench of willful ignorance could not be anymore rife. Our governments have seemingly impeded all avenues of communication for victims of next level horror they refuse to recognize, why? Could it be that this is because yes indeed our governments know full well that innocent people are being subjected to such terror and it is not in their best interests to stop this terror? Just calling it how I see it.


Q remains silent.


Some of the provocatory and manipulative stuff that has happened since releasing this I have kept out of this update. The world events since releasing this certainly are interesting to say the least.


I will try and reach out to the authorities through other social media avenues and keep updating if I can…





























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