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What if God is a Child?

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Imagine for a second that we exist within Gods mind and are physical manifestations of Gods thoughts. A simulation world of Gods thoughts where time exists only with the maturity of God. God created the perfect world Eden and then humans in its form. But this world was invaded by the serpent, Lucifer. And the fight between good and evil has raged inside Gods mind ever since. Certainly a child God would explain the Old Testament and the tyrannical behaviour of a God that is learning. And then explain the God of unconditional love that many speak of is the same God matured.


What if we are merely the internal struggle between good and evil within a child God mind. Think about it, God is presented a question they don't know the answer to so they created a human Adam to help them find the answer. What was the question? Where did God come from? 

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How could a God, or Supreme Being, have a beginning and come from nothing?  Everything has to have a start right?  What if God came from us and we came from God (think tulpamancy)?  Think of a circle.  You start drawing a circle and you have a beginning point.  When you finish a circle the two ends meet to complete the form, an object now, with no beginning and no end.  There is no circle without the start.  There is no circle without the end meeting the start. Once complete there is no start or end, only what is.  The end creates the start, and so forth.  
    So with this thinking, did God create us in order for us to create God, so that God could create us?  This would solve the problems of how God came from nothing.  But there has to be a start point, somewhere to begin the circle, so that at some point it could end, in order to complete the form.  This is not so.
    When we think of time, we usually think of it as only moving forward from Point A to Point B.  But I believe that we have an infinite amount of parallel universes.  Between universes, space is both infinitely small and infinitely large.  Time, which is only relative to us, has no bearing within these universes or in between universes.  Time, like a tree, has many branches, and can move in any direction; even come back around to itself.  
    What if our universe was created billions of years ago, and it lasts, say another trillion years.  After this time, our sun dies out, explodes, and kills everything in our solar system.  But this then makes conditions perfect for our universe to renew and, in another billion years; start over, forming a new earth, people, etc. Since time is infinite and (think circle) has no beginning or end, this could have happened an infinite number of times before our present day.

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