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Alex Jones's Latest Trial


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On 10/12/2022 at 11:37 PM, northern star said:

Julian Assange,Alex Belfield, Alex Jones...whatever your opinion of them, all ridiculously extreme sentences for telling the truth and doing what journalists should do.


Its making examples so we all shut up.


Meanwhile the real criminals they are trying to expose go free

lol they are agents. Jones is MOSSAD.

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7 minutes ago, sock muppet said:


MOS/C_A to be exact

Clowns In America.

1 hour ago, Pabloisawake said:

lol they are agents. Jones is MOSSAD.

I don't disagree, he has ties to intelligence but do you have evidence/information on him being tied to Mossad specifically? For my curious mind.

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16 hours ago, novymir said:

Yeah, the whole world is a hoax.


None of the wars were/are real either...


It's a sick-assed dream of delusion.





Holdomor was real. The CIA's mass murdering in several countries is real. U.S troops slaughtering innocents everywhere is real.

All so called shootings since Columbine are drills using crisis actors. 

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4 hours ago, Pabloisawake said:

Holdomor was real. The CIA's mass murdering in several countries is real. U.S troops slaughtering innocents everywhere is real.

All so called shootings since Columbine are drills using crisis actors. 

Nah, this world isn't "real".


You, I, and everyone within this thing is dreaming up a nightmare, the deception of it has been that the nightmarish quality of it has been localised, separated from other localities, like "holodomor", for them the nightmare was experienced directly, their unconsciousness of the fact that this isn't reality, nor is it "God's Creation" , nor are they required/bound to submit to it and allow degradation, torture, and murder of themselves by other insane, unconscious characters operating within the dream is what is the cause of their suffering.


They and everyone else that allowed themselves, or believed themselves to be a "victim" was/is ignorant, unaware, and that unawareness was exploited and used by the ego against them, as an attempt to maintain that unawareness, and trick them and others into believing a dream is real, and that delusions/hallucinations represent "reality".  In other words this "world" is a denial of reality, in of itself, therefore it's fundamental quality and purpose is DECEIT, and opposition to TRUTH, therefore and thereby it expresses itself in accordance with it's NATURE.







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On 10/26/2022 at 5:32 PM, Pabloisawake said:

lol they are agents. Jones is MOSSAD.


This statement is close to a state of delusion than rationality and fuels the stigma that conspiracy theorists have been stamped with. Do you know that 40-50 years ago society considered such people mentally ill and threw them in mental wards to kept them there permanently. A healthy exaggeration can be seen as attempt at humor but when it gets far fetched and systematic, it becomes unhealthy.

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  • 10 months later...

As outrageous and obscene as it is for the courts to award the plaintiffs millions of dollars in this case, I do not think this highly unjust targeting of AJ was entirely mercenary in its motivations, but rather that something more than just an opportunistic cash grab was involved. My feeling is that all this was designed right from the start to bring Jones down, aside from any bonus gravy that might come from it in clamping down on conspiracy-related speech in general; that this was primarily all about setting Jones up for a downfall and knowing what they knew of the bigmouth that he would, predictably, take the bait. 


Wolfgang Halbig has done some excellent investigating into this Hook-Line-and-Sinker national news story and his 2017 appearance on Greg Carlwood's "The Higherside Chats" podcast makes for essential listening. Here Halbig expresses his disappointment with Jones for caving in to the pressure by making a public retraction. Wolfgang, meanwhile, has continued to dedicate himself, even in his retirement years, to exposing the truth of Sandy Hook and his sincerity and conviction shines through in this highly recommended interview. Also worth checking out is the documentary film, Dear Wolfgang.


Besides Halbig's contribution, James Fetzer's research is another body of work equally impressive in its depth and comprehensive examination. That his book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook was removed from Amazon and hitherto remains banned speaks volumes.


I should note that I did not go into my own study of the Sandy Hook incident with any pre-conceived notions of it automatically being a false flag event. I do not listen to "Infowars," although I do respect Alex Jones for his exposing the NWO and for the documentary films he's produced, which is why I can overlook his gravelly voice and burly persona which, admittedly, I find a bit off-putting.


Over the years, I've also listened to both sides of the debate with an open yet critical mind, not caring one way or the other which side has it right. As an example, I've sometimes tuned in to Dan Friesen's "Knowledge Fight" podcast to hear what this glib normie has to say, but find him along with his co-host too cynical for my liking and a couple of obnoxious windbags (akin to Eric Bogosian's character in the movie Talk Radio), who seemingly derive tremendous satisfaction in mocking Alex Jones ad nauseum and trying to make him out to appear a buffoon via the use of carefully selected audio clips & their extremely biased commentary, albeit a recent episode of theirs highlighting Jones's 'bankruptcy' comments had some entertainment value, if nothing else.


The question has often been asked as to how it is so many people could be involved in participating in a hoax or false flag event, with some using Apollo 11 as an example, and others pointing to 9/11. Aside from the compartmentalization factor, one of the independent Sandy Hook researchers refers to that which is called a 'capstone event,' which basically has an entire community in on a conspiracy (a la the fictional The Truman Show), in some cases by means of the use of venal players and non-disclosure agreements.


As an aside, I remember reading a story, as related in Anthony North's book The Paranormal, in which an entire community came together to play an extended, composite practical joke on the town judge, so as to make him believe he was being targeted by ghosts and other supernatural phenomena, to the point that "Mr. X," as he was dubbed, sought out the help of paranormal investigators -- one among several accounts demonstrating that something like this indeed could be planned and pulled off with astonishing success.

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On 8/3/2022 at 4:58 AM, Observations said:


This is 5 minutes outside the court room, and is worth watching IMO


The judge says he's guilty, and tells the jury to decide how guilty? 


I don't like the still shot of him looking typically wide eyed, not a true reflection of the content of this particular clip? Of course. 

Jones was doing quite well there until he starts saying "this will go down as one of the greatest show trials in history"

Therein lies the truth of what he is all about as a person.

He's so full of himself and his big role in truth he actually thinks he is something special. This whole thing is a dog and pony show.

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On 11/3/2023 at 9:32 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:

Of course Hegel supports the usual Soviet Israel foreign agents.


"But jones exposes the NWO"


No. He just chats shit about the decoy NWO (Edom), not the real one.


Speaking of ZOG, just re-watched Talk Radio last night, after referencing it in an earlier post. One of my favorite movies. What this increasingly politically incorrect and censorial world needs more than ever is more Barry Champlains in it, hosting shows like "Infowars."

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Assuming for a moment that these parental tears are not of crocodile, is it right for someone like Jones to be held responsible for the actions of even one person among his audience, simply for his innocuously speculating on an event?


Is or should the maker of a video game be held accountable for producing what might possibly lead to an acting out in reality of the game being played? Based on the plethora of potentially 'dangerous' video games in existence, no one seems to sincerely think such entertainment warrants its being prohibited simply because a few users among millions may turn out to be unstable.


Is a governing party that has legalized marijuana at fault and to blame should a drug-impaired motorist high on weed accidentally kill someone in an automobile crash?


Are Heavy Metal bands who admit to putting 'satanic messages' in their songs (even if it is claimed only for innocent fun) to be found guilty in court should one of their fans go on a rampage? 


In each of these three scenarios we don't find this to be the case, and rightly so.


And yet here we have someone in AJ being held (indirectly) responsible for the actions of others, and/or actions alleged to have caused 'emotional distress,' when in each of the examples given above far greater damage is involved, with neither manufacturer, politician, nor songwriter ever being truly deserving of any finger-pointing.

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As I perceive it, what we are witnessing by the (far) Left, in their grotesque reaction to the arguably Kafkaesque Jones trial, is a 21st-century reincarnation of the spirit of McCarthyism, only here in its repackaged form the great big bogeyman is not 'reds' but 'red-pillers'. Have you or have you ever been a member/follower of the alt-media party/subculture? And to think Alex Jones haters think of themselves as progressives, when they're behaving just like their backward redbaiter cousins of yore.


As I reflect upon this contemptible trial and the low-souled reactions to it on the part of those on the Left, who like sadists have been deriving enjoyment watching this poor man suffer, I am reminded of the movie: The People Vs. Larry Flynt. Based on a true story, it's about the Religious Right who take the publisher of a smut magazine to court, only in this case it has those on the Left crying out for justice in the name of the First Amendment, as noble champions of freedom of speech, which is commendable but how so hypocritical of them when it comes to extending the same honor to someone on the political right, whom they despise. In one scene in the movie, the lawyer for the defendant delivers a well-stated courtroom speech about the importance in allowing free speech to exist, even for those whom we may adamantly dislike.


Incidentally, I went back and took another look at David Icke's videocast on this whole draconian pillorying of Alex Jones. I'm in agreement, that regardless of what you think of AJ, at the end of the day at least he stands for freedom, which, in my opinion, is more than can be said for all his despicable opponents who seek to crush him. Shame on them.

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