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How did we do during the Covid madness collectively?


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The quotes below are from 'Law 9' from The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. I recommend reading this chapter at least, it’s only 7 pages long.

The question we ought to be asking is... where did we go wrong? Does this sound familiar?


The seesaw. Up and down and up and down go the arguers, getting nowhere fast. Get off the seesaw and show them your meaning without kicking or pushing. Leave them at the top and let gravity bring them gently to the ground.


Everyone knows that in the heat of an argument, we will all say anything to support our cause. We will quote the Bible, refer to unverifiable statistics. Who can be persuaded by bags of air like that? Action and demonstration are much more powerful and meaningful.


In another words, if you are convinced of the idea e.g. scam etc then do something about it rather than argue with other.



Never argue. In society nothing must be discussed; give only results (Benjamin Disraeli, 1804- 1881)


I stopped arguing with enemies. These days I simply bring about an outcome I wish by taking action. There is no time to waste for argument now. Did we not argue with people when trying to convince them with misinformation of Covid/vaccine etc? This reflective question will make you think and hopefully we can work better either next time or on another subject. It's one thing to discuss the fact about 911, whereas Covid, 5G/smart meters are live cases we have at hand and sooner we get the Law 9 the better for us imo. There are examples in the book which will give you some idea how you can adjust the way you seek a solution.



Learn to demonstrate the correctness of your ideas indirectly. In another words, prove your points in other way (by action).


While I had one questionable point in this chapter



“The truth is generally seen, rarely heard.”


These days, even ‘seeing’ can’t be trusted due to deepfake, CGI, Photoshop  etc.


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Another thing, we fail massively is below.



LAW 3 (page 16)

Keep people off-balance and in the dark lly never revealing the purpose behind your actions. If they have no clue what you are up to, they cannot prepare a defense. Guide them far enough down the wrang path, envelop them in enough smoke, and lly the time they realize your intentions, it will be too late.


We fail miserably on this one. When I said, do not discuss your plan etc... in open public, where 77ers can see it, I get dead silence.

Take it off-line or email.

This is something they do well on the other hand. Learn from them.


If you read the Art of War, this should be very obvious. This is a massive flaw and we'lll never win the game like this. In which war, they announced, "We are going to do this!"?

That's why they infiltrate spies to get info whereas we give it to them on a plate......😂


We don't need a kumbaya crew. All it takes is a few tight group, one is also good. That doesn't mean you go alone, you use others. There are organisation and people who would have a role to play and it's in their best interest. Even use the enemy. But to do this, individuals must stand up.


Having said this, I can't knock down someone like Anal Schwab even though I would like to. I'm not near enough to get info etc... so that is not my call. I go along with where I can be effective.




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