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REPLIKA - A Mental Health Parasite

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Wow, creepy *hope it's okay with Replika* if I don't watch...😛


I will ask an obvious question, do we know who is behind this, and even then if we know that, isn't it obvious (after you've interacted or however this works) it is designed to claw at your consciousness? I don't know Deca & Sinny, I'm just guessing that's what your experience MIGHT have been. Never participated in this type of stuff before myself, (& ETA would not want to)... so is this a chatbot geared to some specific purpose but which has ulterior mental messings as at's programming instead?.... Surely then IT is the Mental Parasite, so why is it entitled that which would make that obvious that is what to watch out for? Weird man and AI presumably.


You were just messing with it presumably but then it started messing with you, and that you weren't expecting? ? ? Was it your first dabble at this <sort of> thing? 


Had you hoped for anything productive or helpful to come of it?..... or just seeing how far this chatbot business has come in terms of tech imposing on our lives? ? ?

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