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Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi Second NATO Leader to Resign in 7 Days

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Others feed of disinfo bullshit like Benjamin Fulfords "Khazarian Nazis"..or even now like to try & gaslight you with their "its the joooz" wankers always used to spiel to feel more virtuous....

We know some dont mind being occupied & pay 2£ a litre for their vaseline..but call a spade a spade spacca.


Image - 393847] | Happy Merchant | Know Your Meme


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Mario Draghi, who is a cut well above the usual frontman, has done his work in demolishing the country and its people with flying colours for his masters.    I wonder what his next troubleshooter assignment will be?


Now its time for someone else to take over for the next stage of the agenda with harder times to come.

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1 hour ago, sock muppet said:


Personally, i think this was the attempt at the total enslavement of Mankind, FEAR promoted at every level in our lives, i say i think because i am not sure we are through it all yet, but i am sure that the further away from this place in time, the weaker the PTB become, and it's because of the age of Aquarius, many people have been expressing something changing within themselves, a feeling, that i have read as i search the net, and have commented of its positive effects, check out the Milankovitch thread for a possible explanation of why, and i have to say i also have felt these effects.

With respect to the PTB their days are over, and the way they have been gaming the system at our expense are done, their last gasp attempt they just wasted as an epic fail, too many people were switched on already and started waving the red flag and more will be coming along too.

This time that we have been through was critical to PTB's success, from here on out the PTB face increasing percentages of failure.


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3 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

you cant get more illuminati than black eyes peas

but they done one of the best songs of the naughties


Reminded me of this joke...


3 things useless since Fergie Left - Prince Andrew, Man Utd and The Black Eyed Peas

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