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Can you help me with Ascension ?


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I am looking for any reliable information on ascension. I worked out i am starseed about 4 years ago and was hit by the symptoms of ascension about 3 years ago, i think. I have had a pretty depressing life and have started dwelling on the bad things that have happened to me and the choices i have made. I have light headed moments, tiredness, sleep problems and am eating less. I need to know if anyone can give me advice an how long this will last and how to get through this. I feel suicidal a lot. it's hard work just typing this. 

Thanks for any help.

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Sounds like anxiety attacks. 


First off, stop thinking about your past and the mistakes you've made. Learn from them then move on. You can not do anything to change the past, so why spend any time reliving it, reconstructing it and reviewing it? You are here now, at this time. This is all that matters now. How far up the road do you expect to get if you are walking backwards? You can't see what is in your path now because you are looking backwards. Doesn't that make sense? Do you walk down a sidewalk backwards on your way to the store? Of course not. Pay attention to the road that is in front of you right now.


It is very important to start thinking as your mind being a part of your body that you are in control of, not the other way around. You put the thoughts there, so you can remove them and place other thoughts there, instead. Negative thoughts come in, you can remove them, its' your mind. You have to work at this, practice it, but in time you will gain more control of your own mind. 


The lethargy, eating/sleeping issues are related to the depression. Even if you get a full ten hours of sleep, you will still feel tired, due to the depression. Surprisingly, just a little light exercise can combat depression. Start out with fifteen to twenty minutes a day. You'll be surprised how well it helps. Simply keeping busy with some constrictive activity always helps, not just physical exercise.


Of course, being under the influence of a depressed mind, you will reject all of my advice. You will allow your mind to think up a million reasons why my suggestions won't work. You might suggest that your issues are much deeper than this and my basic, simple suggestions can't possibly work. Trust me, they do.

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@beneiadian i never heard about ascension, but if you have thoughts about suicide, I think it’s a problem. You need to care about yourself, need daily regime, do something - cook the food for yourself or someone, take a shower, walk, do some sport exercices (it is very important!), clean up of house. Do what you can, don't overdo, but do something and live. I like the example in the book “A Street Cat Named Bob”. The man began to take care of the cat, took responsibility of someone else and he conquered his addiction. Maybe you need to take care of someone - a cat or a dog. Maybe your living conditions is bad - toxic people, terrible view from the window, small room. You need to change it, if it is like that and if it possible. 
We all made and make mistakes, we need to forgive ourselves, learn lessons and live on. I hope you will better. 

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