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What's In A Name ? Countries Which Have Changed Their Names

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Biblical Renaming


Persia which is now Iran.

Mesopotamia Akkadian, Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian empires which is now......... Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran and Syria (basically a chunk of the Middle East).


Palestine is now Israel.



Czechoslovakia which is now.... Slovakia and the Czech Republic (soon-to-be renamed Czechia?).

New Holland which is now..... Australia

Prussia which is now........ Russia &

St.Petersburg was renamed to Leningrad.


I've often wondered why biblical countries were renamed, could it have been another reason to hide God ? I'm very surprised they haven't changed the name of Jerusalem. 


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As for the various other countries:

Persia became the name for what is now Iran mainly because of the Ancient Greeks.

Persia is what you might call a county of Iran.

Like calling The Netherlands 'Holland' when Holland is just a region of The Netherlands.

So why Iran?

Because they speak Farsi, and the name of the country in Farsi just happens to be Iran not Persia!

There is nothing to see here, no conspiracy theories.

As for hiding god... happily there is no god to hide!



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What about the biggest most forgotten Name Change were Lots of seperate Countries forming into a Mass Group  were 13 kicked out there ruling country and by mass land grab gathered 37 more regions accross the world under one banner.


If you have not got it yet. The United States of America. And Here in Europe 60+ years Ago the same trick is being applied and now you have the Euro Zone or European Union, were by they are slowly erroding National Borders, Nationalism, and Support for your own government.. Would you accept calling your self European and being ruled by A European Leader or do you first need to have total dustrust of your government (Yes, The very ones who were ordered you to stay locked in your own home, wear a mask, take a death shot) before you accept the New name Of "Euro-Peed-on" or is it "Euro-pion". Hitler Wanted Peace in Europe A Peace of Poland, A peace of France, A peace of Hungary, A peace of Russia, A peace of Czechoslovakia, etc..🤣   was a grand plan, 60 years later it happened exaclty as planned. Changing a name is hiding original identity, trying to bury past but as to destroy a culture only time can do that if tradition is not adhere to.   Next thing you know Christmas will get renamed to Xmas and Then to XXXmas and then age ristricted so kids can't celebrate it before long banned altogether. Do not Concern your self by a name change but the policies that come along with it that is iimposed under the Name change.



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