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A hot summer - ramp up the climate fear

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1 hour ago, Fifth element said:


I will say I ve only recorded 30 plus once in any given year for 1000 feet asl here..

Already 2 so far...this year 

Heat is coming further west with this week as we have an easterly flow...


Lovely jub 😎

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Europe is certainly feeling the drought anyway..

Warning! Centuries-old HUNGER STONES emerge from dry riverbeds in drought-stricken Europe - Strange Sounds

10 years ago it was all about the record summer floods..

The stone, dating back to a drought in 1616, is once again visible in the dry riverbed, Hernández-Morales said. The warning reads, “Wenn du mich seehst, dann weine” – “If you see me, weep.

hunger stones appear across Rivers in drought-stricken Europe


The stones commemorate historic droughts

Europe’s current drought is certainly historic. Scientists at the European Drought Observatory said that the drought is on track to be the worst one in 500 years.

The XIV century Mesta Bridge in Villarta de los Montes (Extremadura, Spain), a nice example of Mudéjar-Gothic civil engineering. Since 1956 it’s been covered by the waters of the Cijara Reservoir, but the drought has brought it back to light.

According to the drought observatory, 47% of Europe is in drought warning conditions, meaning the soil has a moisture deficit. Another 17% is on alert, meaning the vegetation in the area is being affected by the dry conditions.

Major rivers in Germany, Italy, and England – the Rhine, Po, and Thames, respectively – are drying out. Rivers are “too dry, too low, and too warm,” which has consequences on wildlife, the economy and people.

Over 100 French towns without drinking water amid 'historic drought'

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Oh and the 'factcheckers' have now 'debunked' this whole thread, how wrong we all are! 😅


UK heatwave: Five common myths debunked


As the UK experiences another heatwave, misinformation and myths about extreme hot weather are once again circulating on social media.

Here are five of the most common myths.

Read more: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-62505711


Remember, this "extreme heat" is "all new" and hasn't happened before.


Chart plotting the top ten hottest UK days on record since 1900


But do remember that these 'hottest day records' are all from very specific parts of the UK.



The UK has very variable weather. But in recent years, climate scientists have observed periods of intense heat becoming more frequent around the world, more intense and lasting longer as a result of human-induced climate change.

"This is climate change: not a typical British summer," said Prof Richard Betts from the University of Exeter.

Last month, leading scientists reported that the UK's record temperatures in July this year would have been "almost impossible" without human-induced climate change.

There you go, trust the BBC and trust the experts, its definitely all because of 'man-made climate change'.


Absolutely nothing to do with the sun or Earth's weakening magnetic field of course.


MAGNETICREVERSAL.org - Weakening of Earth's Magnetic Field - YouTube

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The century of climate migration: why we need to plan for the great upheaval
'People driven from their homes by climate disaster need protection. And ageing nations need them'


"To survive climate breakdown will require a planned and deliberate migration of a kind humanity has never before undertaken."


"Wherever you live now, migration will affect you and the lives of your children. "


"Large populations will need to migrate, and not simply to the nearest city, but also across continents"


There goes the neighborhood. RIP

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On 8/19/2022 at 11:32 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:

"Wherever you live now, migration will affect you and the lives of your children. "

It's already affecting us here but at the moment it's known as tourism, unfortunately they see how nice the place is and bloody stay

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