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UK Heatwave Agenda WEF ?


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On 7/11/2022 at 9:07 PM, Greenhulk50 said:

The media are going overboard over the UK Heatwave, my God it's called summer🙄 but the it's the usual bollocks blaming climate change, they have issued an amber warning and they're talking about a red warning coming in the next few days, it reminds me of what they did with the threat of a terror attack, except it's not Isis it's the 🌞 Sun , more fear tactics and Problem Reaction Solution.

We all know where this is going, Carbon tax, Carbon footprint tracker like what was discussed at Davos this year .


You remember what those project veritas CNN leaks said. After the pandemic the next big issue will be global warming.

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My view on Climate Change:


- They caused it deliberately - oil industry scientists knew in the 1980s that it was happening


- They also stopped engineers and inventors from creating niceties like cheap, ultra-affordable solar cells and personal windturbines which are low cost and practical


- They already have fusion energy working but pretend it is "20 year away"


- Electrical Weather Control tech from the Military realm ensures that things only get worse


- I've seen a crapton of news from Universities over the years that "X new means of generating clean energy' is being researched. 


- X strangely never ever makes it to market and the tech just disappears


- I believe that if they really wanted to solve Climate Change they could do it in 5 to 8 years



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What did they expect? 😆


UK heatwave: Weather forecasters report unprecedented trolling

Matt Taylor in front of map of UK with temperatures


Weather forecasters faced unprecedented levels of trolling during this month's extreme heat in the UK, according to leading figures in the industry.

The BBC's team received hundreds of abusive tweets or emails questioning their reports and telling them to "get a grip", as temperatures hit 40C.

BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor said he had never experienced anything like it in nearly 25 years working in weather.

The Royal Meteorological Society condemned the trolling.

Most of the abuse seems to have been prompted as links were made between the heatwave and climate change.

The UK saw record high temperatures on 19 July, with 40C exceeded for the first time. Dozens of locations saw temperatures above the previous UK record of 38.7C and 15 fire services declared a state of emergency because of a surge in blazes.

The Met Office estimated the heatwave had been made 10 times more likely because of climate change.

The BBC's Matt Taylor said: "It's a more abusive tone than I've ever received. I switched off a bit from it all as it became too depressing to read some of the responses."

From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-62323048


"Most of the abuse seems to have been prompted as links were made between the heatwave and climate change."


And who keeps making those links? Umm, the BBC, and later in the very same article...



The peak temperature in 1976 was 35.9C, more than four degrees lower than the 40.3C recorded on 19 July. Nine out of 10 of the hottest days ever recorded in the UK have been since 1990, according to the Met Office. The hottest day from 1976 ranks as 13th in the list of the hottest UK days on record.

Periods of intense heat do occur within natural weather patterns, but they are becoming more frequent around the world, more intense and are lasting longer as a result of human-induced climate change.

It is the BBC who keeps 'matter-of-fact' stating that this is due to 'human-induced climate change'. (my emphasis in bold)


Yes, it is probably true that the 'peak' temperature in 1976 was 'only' 35.9C, but what they fail to point out is that in 1976 the 'heatwave' lasted for a more prolonged period of time, rather than the 'two days' we had the other week.


Also, they never point out how far back these records actually go.

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40 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

The Met office seems to be where a lot of this trolling is concentrated these days..

Climate change: UK sea level rise speeding up - Met Office








This was actually pointed out a couple of years back, where one could search for any place on the Earth and there would be "{the place you searched for} is warming up twice as fast as the rest of the world" article somewhere. 😅


"The David Icke Forum is warming up twice as fast as the rest of the world"



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