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How are you enjoying the weather ? Is it hot enough for you ?


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'National heatwave emergency' could be declared in UK: Health officials say that if temperatures pass 104F at the weekend they will declare a 'level four alert'... despite accusations of alarmism and nanny-state behaviour

Ministers are drawing up plans for Britain's first national heatwave emergency response following a Met Office 'amber heat warning', despite critics claims that bureaucrats are guilty of alarmism and Whitehall 'snowflakes are melting' in the heat. A Cobra meeting was held at Downing Street yesterday, after the Met Office issued a rare amber warning for deadly heat across most of England this Sunday when temperatures could hit 100F (38C),The alert, which has only been issued twice before now, warns of 'potential serious illness or danger to life' as record-breaking temperatures are predicted to hit the country. The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) may declare a national emergency with a 'level four emergency' if the heat becomes so extreme that 'illness and death may occur among the fit and healthy' as well as those more vulnerable.



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1 hour ago, gregory-peccary said:

Bah Humbug!

I was there in 1976 doing Electronic Engineering exams in hotter temperatures than these.

Nanny-State needs telling where to get off....


Yeah I agree, I remember 1976, phew was it hot 😰 

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