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On 5/26/2023 at 4:05 PM, Observations said:

Its bizarre to think that 3 years ago how many were wearing masks and now with a twist of the illusion of reality people are pretty much going about their business, and the few wearing masks are the scared and venerable, what a disgusting way to treat your fellow man, it hurts to see a couple of folks wearing dirty reused masks, and why?


Might be because they were in on the instigation of the nonsense in the first place, the cheer leading pied pipers, by all accounts are still down with the clown wearing a frown, ūü§°ūüĆć honk honk

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9 hours ago, Freaky Dragonfly said:

Lockdowns and face masks ‚Äėunequivocally‚Äô cut spread of Covid, report finds



Today's (Bill Gate's paper) The Guardian



Funny cos all the MSM reports on the shamdemic earlier this year admitted the restrictions had a negligible effect.

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18 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

Funny cos all the MSM reports on the shamdemic earlier this year admitted the restrictions had a negligible effect.

Ah, but ... if it inconvenienced us, destroyed small businesses and didn't cost the PTB any money. It was obviously effective.

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Anti Facts Sir
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The Smile Free Campaign - smilefree.org


Last time we wrote, there was genuine anxiety in some quarters that we would see a return to mass masking, with the media - both "mainstream" and alternative - doing their best to crank up the fear. We wrote:


"At present, there doesn't seem to be a wider appetite among the public to reignite general Covid hysteria... however, attempted masking has never gone away in a minority of healthcare settings, and inevitably, some of those which had previously dropped it have taken the latest media nonsense as a prompt to resume "mandates." Remember, these have no legal force. We continue to pressure the NHS to change their guidance to explicitly discourage the practice."


And this is exactly what we have done... with a few developments to tell you about:


  • NHS England¬†replied to our recent¬†open letter, signed by thousands of doctors and medical professionals and calling for official guidance to change to discourage masks in healthcare settings


  • You can read NHS England's response¬†here, which passes the buck to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)


  • You may be aware that¬†UKHSA¬†is now headed up by¬†Professor Jenny Harries¬†who, in her previous role as deputy Chief Medical Officer for England,¬†went as far as to tell Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a TV interview in March 2020¬†that wearing face masks was ‚Äúnot a good idea‚ÄĚ because it ‚Äúcould increase risk of infection‚Ķ you can actually trap the virus in the mask and start breathing it in‚ÄĚ



"...would you kindly explain the discrepancy between your current guidance, which, while broadly recommending a return to pre-pandemic normality, continues to allow re-imposition of masks where there is a local appetite for it, and your recent literature review, which concluded the evidence for masks reducing viral transmission was, at best, very weak."


The issue of the UKHSA has also been covered by HART ("The pro-mask eccentrics are squealing again")... we'll keep you posted... please help us by sharing Dr Gary Sidley's video around the topic here on Twitter, and here on Facebook. In other news...


In spite of itself, the appalling Covid Inquiry is letting slip interesting titbits and clues...


  • Professor Peter Horby, chair of NERVTAG, a high-profile group of scientific experts who routinely provided advice to SAGE,¬†confirmed our previous reporting¬†that the introduction of mask mandates in the UK was heavily influenced by hitherto totally obscure and totally unaccountable group DELVE. We also had some revealing dialogue:


Horby: NERVTAG had looked at the issues of face masks in the past… and had taken quite a stringent scientific view that the highest quality evidence is randomised controlled trials… and those data were fairly clear… that the evidence was weak. And we maintained that position on how we saw the evidence, focusing on the data from randomised controlled trials.


Lady Hallett (the less-than impartial Chair of the inquiry), interrupting: I’m sorry, I’m not following, Sir Peter. If there’s a possible benefit, what’s the downside?


Horby: The downside is that you are making a population-wide recommendation based on weak evidence which may weaken trust in your scientific independence and integrity.


Horby is right of course, because the "nudge" and spin-heavy pseudo-science of masking has done just what he describes. 


But beyond that, to be so oblivious as to suggest there are no downsides to masking the entire population for an indeterminate amount of time is staggering stuff. Would we expect anything else from Hallett and the Covid "Inquiry" at this point, though?


  • We also had more confirmation of¬†the sham and the scam¬†of masking school kids, with pathetic former ‚Äúleaders‚ÄĚ Johnson and Hancock discussing the issue over WhatsApp with their spin doctor Lee Cain. They imposed it because they "didn't want to have the fight" ...swearing blind they were "Following the Science," of course.


If all these masking misdeeds make you feel a bit down, you MUST watch this six second video (on Twitter here and Facebook here).


If THAT doesn't help you to keep smiling, we don't know what will :)



ÔĽŅThe Smile Free Campaign


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