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ET mind-control technology in Silicon Valley, California, dismantled by U.S. military

Diana Barahona

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Update from Commander Val Nek through Megan Rose, March 27, 2022

And then I’m being brought to a room, and these computers—I’ll call them computers but they’re like satellite computers.  Remember, this is ET technology; that’s the best way I can describe it.  And I’m being brought to a room, and it’s like several of these computer things in a row, and they’re all like solid matter but then they have this frequency radiating off of it and it’s in the fourth [frequency].  This is not 3-D technology; he’s saying 4-D, not 3-D.


And they look like they’re not as large as the one in Area 51, but there’s a lot more of them.  Um, he’s saying, “we found them!  This is good news!”  And he keeps underlying, “Big tech companies: their internet is being dismantled.”


Um, he’s bringing me back to the Starlink satellites.  He’s saying they are good and he’s saying, "We made we made these in the Jupiter Agreements"; or "This is technology from the Jupiter Agreements."


I keep being brought back to these computers, though; the ones in California, these private tech companies.  And I’m seeing people with implants, with brain implants.  He’s saying, “This is gray technology and it is a lot of people.”  Okay, and I’m seeing on actual computers that we use lists and lists of people, of all the people that three-letter agencies have put these implants in.  Okay.


Um, he’s saying, “Connected to Washington three-letter agencies.”  So, these are like, I don’t know, these are all kinds of different people, but for example, I’m seeing a woman with an implant in her in her mind and it’s the quantum resonance to this computer.  Um, he’s saying, “Mind-control technology, gray technology.  The Alliance is undoing,” is what he’s saying.


Um, he’s again talking about reverse-engineering and then I’m seeing um, and then I’m seeing over the computer, it’s like, how do i describe it?  These scientists, but these are non-human scientists around the computer.  This is–- there are several of them, but I’m just seeing one right now around them, non-human.  They’re blonde Nordic-alien-looking, like, “From the Federation,” he says, and “Member of the Alliance.”  Because I’m seeing men in military uniforms, and he’s saying, um, this looks like the U.S. Navy.  He’s saying, “Yes it is U.S. Navy,” and he’s talking about “Cracking the code, cracking the code.”



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On 7/8/2022 at 1:53 PM, Diana Barahona said:

Megan Rose


I feel like we are going around in circles with multiple disinformation narratives confusing all who are interested in the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrials. I believe that the truth about the extraterrestrials (these are simultaneously physical and nonphysical beings) is that they are advanced and ethereal but not divine! Unfortunately, this subject is a disinformation echo chamber. 


Information about extraterrestrials, that in my judgment, is truthful, is the information channeled from Heaven or The Astral Light by Karl Mollison and the mentalist Stewart Swerdlow's information about the earth's galactic history. Both of these information sources tell us that it is evil forces that are in control in the galaxy.


Please keep in mind that both of these intuitives have the ability to reach beyond the mind control bombardment that the rest of us are subjected to. Mollison channels from The Astral Light and Swerdlow has mental abilites that allow him to access hyperspace and is the pioneering expert on deprogramming the mind. (For people who are interested in these subjects, I recommend judging the character of the information source and evaluating their mental condition also.

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This is not about the individual Megan Rose but unfortunately if you sell disinformation to the gullible public then you are an example to be made of. As far as I can trust my perceptions, Rose is either a paid shill working for the satanic Deep State, or mind programmed. (If she is mind programmed she needs to deprogram her mind.) (Rose is a regular guest of Michael Salla -- and I have been paying very close attention to Salla and his menagerie of fascinating guests!)

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