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Pastor given 18 year and 6 months prison sentence after speaking against jews

Ibizan Hound

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Pastor Who Prayed For 2nd Holocaust Gets 18-Year Prison Sentence

July 6, 2022 5:00 pm
5ef0eb6de9ff717cbd184bcc-696x392-696x392 Pastor Tupirani da Hora Lores
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A Brazilian court sentenced a pastor to an 18.5-year prison sentence for praying for another Holocaust, an unprecedented penalty that captured headlines throughout Brazil, JTA reported.

Judge Valeria Caldi Magalhães said: “The defendant used his condition as pastor of a religious community” to commit a crime, “which increases the potential to induce followers to act similarly.”


She added: “With regard to social conduct, the records showed that the defendant maintains an ostensible behavior that confronts public institutions.”

Ricardo Sidi, legal director of the Brazilian Israelite Confederation, responded to the ruling by stating: “A historic sentence in the fight against anti-Semitism. It is the largest penalty applied in Brazil for this type of crime, which will help to inhibit this odious practice.”

Pastor Tupirani da Hora Lores was caught on video last year praying that G-d should “destroy the Jews like vermin.”

A Jewish group discovered an online video of da Hora Lores leading his congregation in shouting “Massacre the Jews, G-d, hit them with your sword, for they have left G-d, they have left the nations.”

“G-d, what you have done in World War II, you must do again, this is what we ask for in our prayers to you: Justice, justice, justice!”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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Oh, look!, here "it" is again:


97 result(s) found for destroy.
Such were the populations we destroyed when they committed iniquities; but we fixed an appointed time for their destructionhttp://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
And We command: "Go ye both, to the people who have rejected our Signs:" And those (people) We destroyed with utter destructionhttp://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Never did We destroy a population that had not a term decreed and assigned beforehand. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
So they accused them of falsehood, and they became of those who were destroyedhttp://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
See they not how many generations before them we destroyed? Not to them will they return: http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
And that it is He Who destroyed the (powerful) ancient 'Ad (people), http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
But the Thamud,- they were destroyed by a terrible Storm of thunder and lightning! http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
And the 'Ad, they were destroyed by a furious Wind, exceedingly violent; http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Nor was thy Lord the one to destroy a population until He had sent to its centre a messenger, rehearsing to them Our Signs; nor are We going to destroy a population except when its members practise iniquity. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
(As to those) before them, not one of the populations which We destroyed believed: will these believe? http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
How many were the populations We utterly destroyed because of their iniquities, setting up in their places other peoples? http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
But there is a ban on any population which We have destroyed: that they shall not return, http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Then see what was the end of their plot!- this, that We destroyed them and their people, all (of them). http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
And (oft) in the past, have We destroyed gangs like unto you: then is there any that will receive admonition? http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
"Everything will it destroy by the command of its Lord!" Then by the morning they - nothing was to be seen but (the ruins of) their houses! thus do We recompense those given to sin! http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
When he turns his back, His aim everywhere is to spread mischief through the earth and destroy crops and cattle. But Allah loveth not mischief. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
If it were His will, He could destroy you, o mankind, and create another race; for He hath power this to do. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Others they keep away from it, and themselves they keep away; but they only destroy their own souls, and they perceive it not. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Say: "Think ye, if the punishment of Allah comes to you, whether suddenly or openly, will any be destroyed except those who do wrong? http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
(The messengers were sent) thus, for thy Lord would not destroy for their wrong-doing men's habitations whilst their occupants were unwarned. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
How many towns have We destroyed (for their sins)? Our punishment took them on a sudden by night or while they slept for their afternoon rest. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Nor would thy Lord be the One to destroy communities for a single wrong-doing, if its members were likely to mend. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
How many generations have We destroyed after Noah? and enough is thy Lord to note and see the sins of His servants. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
But how many (countless) generations before them have we destroyed, who were even better in equipment and in glitter to the eye? http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
But how many (countless) generations before them have We destroyed? Canst thou find a single one of them (now) or hear (so much as) a whisper of them? http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Moses said to him: Woe to you! Forge not ye a lie against Allah, lest He destroy you (at once) utterly by chastisement: the forger must suffer frustration!" http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
In the end We fulfilled to them Our Promise, and We saved them and those whom We pleased, but We destroyed those who transgressed beyond bounds. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
So they rejected him, and We destroyed them. Verily in this is a Sign: but most of them do not believe. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
We did reveal to Moses the Book after We had destroyed the earlier generations, (to give) Insight to men, and guidance and Mercy, that they might receive admonition. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
How many generations before them did We destroy? In the end they cried (for mercy)- when there was no longer time for being saved! http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
So We destroyed (them)- stronger in power than these;- and (thus) has passed on the Parable of the peoples of old. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
What! Are they better than the people of Tubba and those who were before them? We destroyed them because they were guilty of sin. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
We destroyed aforetime populations round about you; and We have shown the Signs in various ways, that they may turn (to Us). http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
And how many cities, with more power than thy city which has driven thee out, have We destroyed (for their sins)? and there was none to aid them. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
We sent against them a violent Tornado with showers of stones, (which destroyed them), except Lut's household: them We delivered by early Dawn,- http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
When We decide to destroy a population, We (first) send a definite order to those among them who are given the good things of this life and yet transgress; so that the word is proved true against them: then (it is) We destroy them utterly. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
O ye who believe! Eat not up your property among yourselves in vanities: But let there be amongst you Traffic and trade by mutual good-will: Nor kill (or destroy) yourselves: for verily Allah hath been to you Most Merciful! http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Thy Lord is self-sufficient, full of Mercy: if it were His will, He could destroy you, and in your place appoint whom He will as your successors, even as He raised you up from the posterity of other people. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
When some of them said: "Why do ye preach to a people whom Allah will destroy or visit with a terrible punishment?"- said the preachers:" To discharge our duty to your Lord, and perchance they may fear Him." http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Or lest ye should say: "Our fathers before us may have taken false gods, but we are (their) descendants after them: wilt Thou then destroy us because of the deeds of men who were futile?" http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Generations before you We destroyed when they did wrong: their messengers came to them with clear-signs, but they would not believe! thus do We requite those who sin! http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
There is not a population but We shall destroy it before the Day of Judgment or punish it with a dreadful Penalty: that is written in the (eternal) Record. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Is it not a warning to such men (to call to mind) how many generations before them We destroyed, in whose haunts they (now) move? Verily, in this are Signs for men endued with understanding. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
How many populations have We destroyed, which were given to wrong-doing? They tumbled down on their roofs. And how many wells are lying idle and neglected, and castles lofty and well-built? http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
And how many populations We destroyed, which exulted in their life (of ease and plenty)! now those habitations of theirs, after them, are deserted,- All but a (miserable) few! and We are their heirs! http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
When Our Messengers came to Abraham with the good news, they said: "We are indeed going to destroy the people of this township: for truly they are (addicted to) crime." http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Does it not teach them a lesson, how many generations We destroyed before them, in whose dwellings they (now) go to and fro? Verily in that are Signs: Do they not then listen? http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
And they say: "What is there but our life in this world? We shall die and we live, and nothing but time can destroy us." But of that they have no knowledge: they merely conjecture: http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
But how many generations before them did We destroy (for their sins),- stronger in power than they? Then did they wander through the land: was there any place of escape (for them)? http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Say: "See ye?- If Allah were to destroy me, and those with me, or if He bestows His Mercy on us,- yet who can deliver the Unbelievers from a grievous Penalty?" http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
See they not how many of those before them We did destroy?- generations We had established on the earth, in strength such as We have not given to you - for whom We poured out rain from the skies in abundance, and gave (fertile) streams flowing beneath their (feet): yet for their sins We destroyed them, and raised in their wake fresh generations (to succeed them). http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
"This day plead not for a single destruction: plead for destruction oft-repeated!" http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
And Moses chose seventy of his people for Our place of meeting: when they were seized with violent quaking, he prayed: "O my Lord! if it had been Thy will Thou couldst have destroyed, long before, both them and me: wouldst Thou destroy us for the deeds of the foolish ones among us? this is no more than Thy trial: by it Thou causest whom Thou wilt to stray, and Thou leadest whom Thou wilt into the right path. Thou art our Protector: so forgive us and give us Thy mercy; for Thou art the best of those who forgive. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
What they spend in the life of this (material) world May be likened to a wind which brings a nipping frost: It strikes and destroys the harvest of men who have wronged their own souls: it is not Allah that hath wronged them, but they wrong themselves. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
They said: "We have had (nothing but) trouble, both before and after thou camest to us." He said: "It may be that your Lord will destroy your enemy and make you inheritors in the earth; that so He may try you by your deeds." http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
(Deeds) after the manner of the people of Pharaoh and those before them": They treated as false the Signs of their Lord: so We destroyed them for their crimes, and We drowned the people of Pharaoh: for they were all oppressors and wrong-doers. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
If there had been immediate gain (in sight), and the journey easy, they would (all) without doubt have followed thee, but the distance was long, (and weighed) on them. They would indeed swear by Allah, "If we only could, we should certainly have come out with you": They would destroy their own souls; for Allah doth know that they are certainly lying. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
He said: "This has been given to me because of a certain knowledge which I have." Did he not know that Allah had destroyed, before him, (whole) generations,- which were superior to him in strength and greater in the amount (of riches) they had collected? but the wicked are not called (immediately) to account for their sins. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Therefore patiently persevere, as did (all) messengers of inflexible purpose; and be in no haste about the (Unbelievers). On the Day that they see the (Punishment) promised them, (it will be) as if they had not tarried more than an hour in a single day. (Thine but) to proclaim the Message: but shall any be destroyed except those who transgress? http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
In blasphemy indeed are those that say that Allah is Christ the son of Mary. Say: "Who then hath the least power against Allah, if His will were to destroy Christ the son of Mary, his mother, and all every - one that is on the earth? For to Allah belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between. He createth what He pleaseth. For Allah hath power over all things." http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
It is He Who got out the Unbelievers among the People of the Book from their homes at the first gathering (of the forces). Little did ye think that they would get out: And they thought that their fortresses would defend them from Allah! But the (Wrath of) Allah came to them from quarters from which they little expected (it), and cast terror into their hearts, so that they destroyed their dwellings by their own hands and the hands of the Believers, take warning, then, O ye with eyes (to see)! http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
It left nothing whatever that it came up against, but reduced it to ruin and rottenness. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
But after them there followed a posterity who missed prayers and followed after lusts soon, then, will they face Destruction,- http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
And when they are cast, bound together into a constricted place therein, they will pLead for destruction there and then! http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
But those who reject (Allah),- for them is destruction, and (Allah) will render their deeds astray (from their mark). http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
The leaders, the unbelievers among his people, said: "If ye follow Shu'aib, be sure then ye are ruined!" http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
"But this thought of yours which ye did entertain concerning your Lord, hath brought you to destruction, and (now) have ye become of those utterly lost!" http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
"O my people! Enter the holy land which Allah hath assigned unto you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin." http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Did they then feel secure against the plan of Allah?- but no one can feel secure from the Plan of Allah, except those (doomed) to ruinhttp://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
"As to these folk,- the cult they are in is (but) a fragment of a ruin, and vain is the (worship) which they practise." http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
At it the skies are ready to burst, the earth to split asunder, and the mountains to fall down in utter ruinhttp://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
If it were not for Allah's grace and mercy on you, and that Allah is Oft-Returning, full of Wisdom,- (Ye would be ruined indeed). http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Were it not for the grace and mercy of Allah on you, and that Allah is full of kindness and mercy, (ye would be ruined indeed). http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Now such were their houses, - in utter ruin, - because they practised wrong-doing. Verily in this is a Sign for people of knowledge. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
And spend of your substance in the cause of Allah, and make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction; but do good; for Allah loveth those who do good. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Moses said, "Thou knowest well that these things have been sent down by none but the Lord of the heavens and the earth as eye-opening evidence: and I consider thee indeed, O Pharaoh, to be one doomed to destruction!" http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Do they not travel through the earth, and see what was the End of those before them (who did evil)? Allah brought utter destruction on them, and similar (fates await) those who reject Allah. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Then they rejected him (as a false prophet), and they hamstrung her. So their Lord, on account of their crime, obliterated their traces and made them equal (in destruction, high and low)! http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
And those who believe will say: "Are these the men who swore their strongest oaths by Allah, that they were with you?" All that they do will be in vain, and they will fall into (nothing but) ruinhttp://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
The men who reject Shu'aib became as if they had never been in the homes where they had flourished: the men who rejected Shu'aib - it was they who were ruinedhttp://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
But they did ham-string her. So he said: "Enjoy yourselves in your homes for three days: (Then will be your ruin): (Behold) there a promise not to be belied!" http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Even so, in the eyes of most of the pagans, their "partners" made alluring the slaughter of their children, in order to lead them to their own destruction, and cause confusion in their religion. If Allah had willed, they would not have done so: But leave alone them and their inventions. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
If ye did well, ye did well for yourselves; if ye did evil, (ye did it) against yourselves. So when the second of the warnings came to pass, (We permitted your enemies) to disfigure your faces, and to enter your Temple as they had entered it before, and to visit with destruction all that fell into their power. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
"Lead to destruction those whom thou canst among them, with thy (seductive) voice; make assaults on them with thy cavalry and thy infantry; mutually share with them wealth and children; and make promises to them." But Satan promises them nothing but deceit. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Leave alone those who take their religion to be mere play and amusement, and are deceived by the life of this world. But proclaim (to them) this (truth): that every soul delivers itself to ruin by its own acts: it will find for itself no protector or intercessor except Allah: if it offered every ransom, (or reparation), none will be accepted: such is (the end of) those who deliver themselves to ruin by their own acts: they will have for drink (only) boiling water, and for punishment, one most grievous: for they persisted in rejecting Allah. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
And who is more unjust than he who forbids that in places for the worship of Allah, Allah's name should be celebrated?-whose zeal is (in fact) to ruin them? It was not fitting that such should themselves enter them except in fear. For them there is nothing but disgrace in this world, and in the world to come, an exceeding torment. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
O ye who believe! Take not into your intimacy those outside your ranks: They will not fail to corrupt you. They only desire your ruin: Rank hatred has already appeared from their mouths: What their hearts conceal is far worse. We have made plain to you the Signs, if ye have wisdom. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
So his fruits (and enjoyment) were encompassed (with ruin), and he remained twisting and turning his hands over what he had spent on his property, which had (now) tumbled to pieces to its very foundations, and he could only say, "Woe is me! Would I had never ascribed partners to my Lord and Cherisher!" http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
(Those without) will call out, "Were we not with you?" (The others) will reply, "True! but ye led yourselves into temptation; ye looked forward (to our ruin); ye doubted (Allah's Promise); and (your false) desires deceived you; until there issued the Command of Allah. And the Deceiver deceived you in respect of Allah. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Do they not travel through the earth, and see what was the end of those before them? They were superior to them in strength: they tilled the soil and populated it in greater numbers than these have done: there came to them their messengers with Clear (Signs). (Which they rejected, to their own destruction): It was not Allah Who wronged them, but they wronged their own souls. http://www.search-the-quran.com/images/zoom.png
Or (take) the similitude of one who passed by a hamlet, all in ruins to its roofs. He said: "Oh! how shall Allah bring it (ever) to life, after (this) its death?" but Allah caused him to die for a hundred years, then raised him up (again). He said: "How long didst thou tarry (thus)?" He said: (Perhaps) a day or part of a day." He said: "Nay, thou hast tarried thus a hundred years; but look at thy food and thy drink; they show no signs of age; and look at thy donkey: And that We may make of thee a sign unto the people, Look further at the bones, how We bring them together and clothe them with flesh." When this was shown clearly to him, he said: "I know that Allah hath power over all things."
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