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3 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Is it a pro-Israel boomercon echo chamber, or is it worth making an account? I just don't want to see cringe like this:




I do not know as i have not signed up, when it first launched i went through the motions over vpn, as soon as i got to 'i want your phone number', and my next thought was a burner phone is needed, so i went through the version available to the UK and the requirement is still there, again burner phone required but, there exists another method to circumvent that i shall be looking into, that is you can get numbers off the net for this requirement, don't know too much about it yet but will post more info later unless someone else can fill in the blanks from here, as i don't do online participation, the only online thing i ever signed onto is this forum as i just don't care for the garbage social media floats on, i just do lurking for my info.

But i am interested in what this has to offer and i have not found any publicly available threads that you can just lurk without joining and to be honest who needs another shitter feed that i always thought as garbage when it first launched, the only thing that amazed me about shitter was the rest of the world 'following' and 'needing' info on what 'twat' had for breakfast, and then politicians got involved and i thought downhill from here, and here we are, what a load of ol' BOLLOXS.

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5 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

we now know 50% of all twitter accounts are bots.

its safe to say facebook is the same


I have read that the deal between Elon and shitter will go to court and another chuckmate will occur as the evidence of bots in use will have to be made public record, like the sussman case.

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5 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Maybe, but who cares? I mean that's an issue if true, but the alternative where people would have an internet ID is worse.


Sadly i do think that that form of interaction may well be what is intended and was always part of the plan, including the 2020 election as part of it, do you know there are three ways that election can be interpreted, and all three ways include your statement.

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