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2 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

OH MY GOD I JUST SAW IN THAT VIDEO OF ELLEN HER JUMPER SAYS "Run Forest" on it...as in Forest Gump, as in Hanks?


I just watched all those video's, the T Hanks angle i am already aware of including the gloves, the other video's are talking symbolically, very nervous, not sure, in a state of, could be something could be nothing quasi state, particularly with Degenerate, there is someone there when IT makes those calls to reach out to people, there is a reflection in the window and the shirt does look like run forest, these people are control freaks and are totally obsessed with themselves, psychopaths, they seem to be acting out their worst fears through the symbolic language used.

The old saying is that they want to be caught i think is true because it's not enough for them to act in secret they must also show it for maximum satisfaction, like walking on tight rope and the adrenaline rush associated with it, the symbolic language is the same as being in plain sight and confirmation of their superiority over others when its not challenged and no one picks up on it and they remain hidden.

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On 7/13/2022 at 1:10 PM, sock muppet said:


A-n-n-n-d following on from the above about rhymes i thought of this:


There Was A Little Girl Who Had A Little Curl


There was a little girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good,
She was very, very good,
But when she was bad, she was horrid.
But when she was bad, she was horrid.


Clearly then as Alice & Wonderland is referenced all the time, this is what we are dealing with.

Which could be said to be marked on the forehead with a six and an evil baphomet, because it was born a boy who was transgendered by surgery or DNA manipulation, ask big mike, and i don't mean Flynn.


And sounds a lot like zeitgeist we live in.

Very strange, looks familiar can't quite place the face.


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And DJT aint backing down from the blatant intimidation tactics of the [D]ark [S]ide

Trump warns DOJ that 'terrible things are going to happen' if it doesn't 'cool people's anger' over FBI's 'sneak attack' raid at Mar-a-Lago - as he offers his 'help to reduce the heat'




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MOAR noooz from ULTRA NUCLEAR MAGA Q, hey JM, keep it simple stupid!

So anyway do we trust you, errrr NOPE, but then do we get a choice about it, i suspect not, will it be world wide as the Earth turns or just selected areas for the drive in movie, with sound by all accounts very impressive.








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Got a couple of links for those interested.






Complete Hornets nest PDF

Notice also 'Satoshi fired a shot across the bow ' in the PDF



link to Qresearch discussion of "WikiLeaks has kicked the hornet's nest, and the swarm is headed towards us.” - Satoshi Nakamoto Dec 10, 2010


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Ingersoll makes an appearance for the first time since i have kept an eye on what JDM is up to, some links

https://www.ingersolllockwood.com/, the thing about this website is there are hidden links on the page, if you do right click on the page and select all you will see the links, alternatively just view the page source and its all listed anyway.

Ingersoll Lockwood is the author of Barron Trump books which are associated with DJT in many ways.



A couple of hidden links






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MOAAARRRR creatures from the swamp are being forced into the light, how about this then, shocking.


Prominent Podcaster Sam Harris Admits a Conspiracy to Prevent Trump Presidency was “Warranted” and “Would Not Have Cared” if Hunter hid Corpses of Children


Link in article




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