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Just now, sock muppet said:


And this is news article about it with dates





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Are we sitting comfortably boys n girls, got popcorn, got refreshments at the ready, seems like the show is about to begin, but then again, maybe we will be analysing this as another rubbish attempt at a decode of intention, and time has lots of custard pies in stock, oh well here we go again.





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So many thoughts i have at the moment all could be real, but sticking to what we know and that is the Pelosi visit to Taiwan, that has to be the red mark on Q calendar, not sure what part Pence plays in this as he was mentioned, that visit kicked off a whole string of events around the world and a 'shot across the bow' to those on the other side of the equation and the wording of that post does seem to fit quite nicely with events, whether it is related or not i don't know.






Now we have the Mar-a-Lago/FBI event that has emerged out of it and an escalation of events now seem to be unfolding/dominoes tipping, including Japanese government :classic_blink:

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The youtube comments firmly believe this is comms during the first lockdown regarding Hanks and co. wtf? 

during that monologue on mostly nonsense he specifically mentions L5/L7/L6..."Bingo." were these people genuinely discussing things all in subtext and hand gestures etc? People believed Ellen was during quarantine too, Fallon, Madonna, some of the names mentioned in all of their videos are also mentioned elsewhere!   

"theres no more pasta, we're going to eat some fried fish" wtf is pasta and good pasta, referenced by quite a few famous people in various places, and some are allegedly tied to some nefarious stuff.



https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-53554002 - Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson officially become Greek citizens

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On 8/13/2022 at 2:36 PM, Bombadil said:



What's your thoughts Sock. I can see your enjoying it

I think i got this but as the posts keep saying 'those who know, don't say', i think i know, it will be a look up to the sky moment, 'they' will not be able to hide or show their faces ever again.



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