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Psyop Against Real Women: Anybody Else Noticed The Quickly Shrinking Chest Size Of Female Music Artists On The World Stage?


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I sat through a long "best pop music of all time" type boadcast recently:


1. 80s and 90s female artists had normal sized chests.


2. Starting in the 2010s female artists with increasingly smaller chest size and increasingly young/girlish features are pushed to the top spot.


3. I think this is supposed to send a subliminal "have your breasts surgically reduced" message to girls around the world


4. This "industry" appears to be run by lgbtq executives now


5. Have a look at the girl in blue here:






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7 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

Sorry but that Harry bloke looks a fucking STATE. But you're right, not natural female shape/form (they could be taped down to make them even less pronounced than they might be). Not a normal male look either!


This is what we've come to, eh.


Aside from the awful tattoos which look like he has graffitied himself, he has dreadful dress sense. He's appeared in magazines wearing women's frocks.  Do young women today not mind dating blokes who wear women's clothing? My mother told me she saw a fashion runway on TV and there were blokes strutting down it in women's frocks.


As for the woman in the video: she is Oriental and Oriental women do have flat busts.

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I hear what you're saying - I definately agree - natural femininity is being attacked - successfully.  However - II don't think I'm alone here in most cases,  I really do prefer small boobies to big lolloping pieces of fat hanging off a womens chest like a pair of bollocks.  Top Bollocks.
Smaller or natural proportioned chested women look far more elegant and feminine.

And of course, a natural feminity is more than physical, it's in the way you move, interact, your values, and your energies, intelligent people I spend time with love to talk about the positive sides of both masculine and feminine energies and the way they are expressed.

I don't see much honest natural femininity being expressed in music videos or anywhere else, certainly not in an authentic and sincere fashion anyway?

Women who get their tit size increased are creating their own black hole by way of wanting to be perceived by what lies on their surface only.
(becoming the very subject of the law of attraction)
You get the kind of man that only gives a damn about your chest dimensions, and not your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual proportions/capacity.
And the cabal love that, that's exactly what they want.
Same as men who think it's important to look like some kind of beefcake/michelin man pumped up muscular freak, those 'men' attract the kind of woman that wants plastic inserted into their hooters.  blah blah blah....

Sorry, I digress.


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