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Microchipping Illegal immigrants.

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We all know the reason behind illegal immigrants, and we all know they will never stop or BE STOPPED from entering the countries they are flooding into.


With the latest gimmick of tagging these people, I have to ask myself why talk of tagging now, when this technology has been around for years and years has it never been implemented before? 


I think they will tag illegals. Then the stories of how tags are being removed etc and illegals are going missing will be spewed out by the usual sources and they will cry for something else to be done to be able to track these people. The result will be chipped illegals, then criminals will be chipped to keep track of them rather than go to prison, and on and on until it is acceptable to the sheep that their children should be chipped so parents can be reassured and see where their children are on the parents' iphones.

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