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Mount Meru, North Pole

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Many ancient cultures shared similar beliefs in a sacred place at the north pole, often described as a harmonious paradise. The Norse would call it Agatha. For Hindus it's referred to as Paradesha. The Greeks knew it as Hyperborea. The Celtics called it Avalon. Buddhists call it Shambhala and in the Bible, it's referred to as the Garden of Eden.

That's just a few of the names. In fact, this place has been dubbed the land of a thousand names. At the center of this paradise is the axis mundi (also called the cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar, center of the world and world tree).

This is said to be the connection between Heaven and Earth. In Norse mythology we have Yggdrasil which is the tree of life. Known as Mount Meru in Buddhist, Jain and Hindu cosmology. It's a central world mountain that reaches high into the heavens and resting above it is the north star.


Is it a real place ? IMO it is......... It resides under the pole star 'Polaris' & which is by the way, a no fly zone. It is where this huge black magnetic mountain resides that together with a huge giant whirlpool which draws the seas in and out twice a day.

Also above this is this glorious northern light show.










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On 6/29/2022 at 4:32 PM, oddsnsods said:

Nikola Tesla — Nikola Tesla's Wireless Transmission Theory


Hyperborea/Thule (Asgard)?  The North Pole on older Maps, and on newer maps there is nothing, so the maps are accurate and Hyperborea has vanished after the transformation of the maps.







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