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Concocted Drama? Elon Musk's 18 Year Old Son To Become Trans Woman Named Vivian.


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3 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:

Tick, tick, tick, tick...Absolute bollocks. I'd even question whether this "entity" is actually Musk's son.


People changing their genders.


Afghans falling off huge cargo jets.


Trans men competing in women's sports.


Music videos full of gay and lesbian propaganda.


The history books written about today some day will be *interesting* to say the least.


"The Century They All Went Crazy"

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5 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

Strange twist to the plot psyop.. Grimes is rumoured to be dating Manning. 🍿



Obama: I will pardon you on one condition.


Manning: What's that?


Obama: You must have a love-child with Grimes.


Manning: Ok.


Obama: They will be named Dirtinia Thoughtsia.


Manning: Ok.


Obama: One more thing. Oprah will be the minister who marries you two.


<Manning faints>

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