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Did They Build The Pyramids Via Levitation Using Cymatics ?

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To cut a long story short Dr. Jarl Witnessed large heavy stones being moved by the Tibetan Monks using sound.

The English Society for which Dr. Jarl was working confiscated the two films and declared them classified. They will not be released until 1990. This action is rather hard to explain, or understand.

The fact that the films were immediately classified is not very hard to understand why.



In this video @5:55 it talks about Jarl's experience:



Was this how they built the pyramids ?

And was this how they bought down the walls of Jericho, not forgetting that they used trumpets in order to do this ?

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To bring down the walls of Jericho, God instructed Joshua to have his army march around the city once a day for six straight days.  While marching, the soldiers played their trumpets as the priests carried the Ark of the Covenant around the city of Jericho.


On the seventh day, the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho seven times.


At Joshua's order, the men produced a powerful roar, and Jericho's walls miraculously fell down.


Was God instructing them in the power of Cymatics ?

Was the Arc some powerful electrical device ?:classic_unsure:

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On the other hand personally i have thought they used ramps and large long ropes maybe some pully mounted at top if so im figguring counter weights possibly tanks or water displacent if two sets working from separate areas(counterbalanced)pumping water or siphoning water to some granite or wooden tank counter weight/s attached to big long ropes and some guide pullys" other wise there waisting a lot of time' doing things with just manpower (animal power)..ect .If someone finds ancient pumps capible of pushing water from a pipe to the top levels .you have an explanation

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